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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Why VFD Maintenance and VFD Repair is Important

Variable frequency drives often known as VFDs are devices that control the working of a motor by changing the electrical input's frequency and voltage levels. VFDs are utilized in numerous electromechanical systems that range from industrial equipment to home appliances.

Like other electrical and electronic devices, VFDs require proper maintenance regularly. It ensures that VFDs offer reliable and consistent performance. Here CM Industry Supply Automation discusses some of the important considerations and advantages regarding preventive maintenance for VFDs (variable frequency drives).

To maintain VFDs you need to keep some important tips in mind:

  •     Keep VFD clean
  •     Keep VFD dry
  •     Keep VFD connections tight

In order to get better system performance, you need to keep VFDs clean, dry and make their connections secure. It will cut down unnecessary VFD repair costs and replacement needs.

There are four main power components included in a VFD:

  •     Rectifier: It is used to convert AC input power into DC power
  •     DC Link: It stores the DC power that is later used by the converter. The capacitors are generally present in the back of the VFD.
  •     Converter: The Inverse Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverter is the heart of a device. It offers the Pulse width Modulation (PWM) output to run under the path of the control circuit.
  •     Control Circuit: It is utilized for programming and controlling the VFD. It is fundamentally the brains of the operation.

There might be many reasons for VFD failure such as component ageing, excessive temperature, excessive loads, or any other adverse operating conditions, even though you follow all these preventive measures.

While a Variable Frequency Drive is often called with a different name such as Variable Speed Drive (VSD), inverter, AC inverter etc. They manage the power supply to an electric motor. Most are even service products that can advantage of regular maintenance in order to maintain performance, efficiency and avoid eventual failure.

If any misshapen take place and a drive fail, then it is important to consider an emergency VFD repair. It is particularly important for inheritance equipment where a direct substitute is not available off-the-shelf. CM Industry Supply Automation specializes in this service and can be contacted through the details shared on the contact page.

Since drives add to the effectiveness of a plant or machine by matching motor speed to the requirement, any deprivation in the drive can influence plant productivity and overall equipment efficiency. Any open cooling apertures becomes a source of dust, even fans have a limited lifespan and static cooling fins also become clogged with waste. All of these things lead to VFD's overheating and result in reduced performance and ultimately a complete stoppage.

VFD Repair Services

To avoid all such failures and obstructions, CM Industry Supply Automation recommends making a full facility-wide inventory of drives that highlights important parts of the plant and beginning a program of customary maintenance and health checks. The routine service cost can greatly outweigh any amount of impromptu plant downtime, so a frequent check-up is very wise.

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