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Servo Drive & Motor Expert | VFD AC Drive Repair

Posted on 30th Dec 2022

What is the suggested maintenance schedule for Variable Frequency Drives for reducing downtime?

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are now more effectual, productive, and simple to use than ever before, but efficacy levels can begin to decrease unless your variable frequency drive is well looked after.

At the same time as most maintenance works are best left to one of professional engineers, as an end-user there are protective maintenance responsibilities you can simply execute to keep your variable frequency drives working efficiently and prolong their life.

Here are main Variable Frequency Drive Suggestions for Avoiding Downtime:

1. You need to check whether the heat sink is clean or not.

2. You need to check the VFD cooling fans i.e. main and auxiliary whether they are clean and rotating freely

3. Replace filters of cabinet regularly and check cleanliness of cooling fans. They must operate freely and make sure the compartment/cabinet of drive is ventilated adequately.

4. Make sure the motor cables and mains are tightened (connection must not be loose) and inspect for damage or overheating sign.

5. Follow the recommended maintenance plan by manufacturer, which should only be undertaken by highly qualified and trained employee.

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