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Servo Drive & Motor Expert | VFD AC Drive Repair

Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

What is the foremost consideration for maintenance of Medium Voltage VFD

Almost every business spends hefty amount and time while setting up their safety programs, procedures, and protections.  However, these similar businesses will not vacillate to send an under-trained technician for working on product which could result in severe injury.

Although hazards vary from site to site and application to application, there are lots of things to consider when trying to carry out electrical maintenance. CM Industry Supply Automation – VFD, Servo Drive & Servo Motor Expert says “Medium voltage (MV) VFD poses high risks with those who are not familiar with their operation because this product looks to be less understood”. VFDs or any electrical devices can be highly dangerous if they are not installed by the properly trained professionals and not protected with suitable PPE for the job.  Properly Locked out / Tagged out devices, which has been confirmed to be de-energized, will help ensuring a secure working environment for devices and your workers.

What are the essential service maintenance period for Medium Voltage VFDs?

Medium Voltage VFD maintenance programs must be established and executed considering some main parts such as.

Operation criticality

Downtime expenditure

Environment cleanliness

Right sized VFD designed for the application        

Usually, it is recommended to perform two levels of maintenance i.e.

Weekly, monthly or quarterly. It all depends on environment and conditions of operations. It can be executed by operator or electrician since there is no necessity to access the drive internals or live parts.

    It’s essential to carry out cleaning and review of all filter media in AC ventilation system

  Environment cleanliness is also essential for long term operations

  Visual and audible inspections are also essential for any problematic issues.

Yearly complete system examination, cleaning and operation verification, often executed by trained and skilled / qualified professional only.

Perform full examination of all power connections, wiring and connectors to check out heat damage or loose connections signals.

Authenticate all control and power connections tightness and flexibility

All power parts cleaning to ensure right ventilation or cooling

Authenticate all power fuses for right connections and steadiness

Authenticate fan process is free and un blocked without any visual or audible problems

Carry out full examination of all control connections and PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) for identifying any irregular discoloration or loose connections

 Authenticate right connections of entire fiber optic cables and connectors

  Authenticate all heat sinks dirt, debris, or foreign matter freeness

 Authenticate programming, parameter settings and full operations

Carry out motor and cables megger testing to confirm insulation to ground integrity.

When will VFD need a CM Industry Supply Automation trained technician help?

Many devices need an authorized technician to install the VFD for validating a warranty, or extending the usual duration. It’s not rare to see manufacturer’s like Lenze DriveSiemens DriveKeb DriveYaskawa Drive and more extend their warranty when they know it was installed by trained and trusted technician. Many warranties also need preventative maintenance by the same experts at regular intervals. The technician expert cost can often pay off in the long run as it prevents upcoming issues from becoming costly headaches to keep them under warranty.