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Posted on 20th Dec 2022

What is Industrial Automation What are the Types of Industrial Automation

The utilization of computers or robots (control systems) and information technologies to handle various processes and machinery in any industry is called industrial automation. It is generally the alternate with machines and computers to that of individual thinking. The term Automation is derived from the Greek words "Auto and Matos" in which auto means "self" and Matos means "moving".

In short, industrial automation is referred to as the utilization of set technologies and automatic control devices, which perform the automatic operation and control of complete industrial processes without large human interference. It helps in getting better performance than physical control. The industrial automation devices include AC Drives, Servo Drives, HVAC Drives, Electric motor and gearboxes, HMI and Touch panel, hydraulics and pneumatics, sensors, VFD Control Panel, PLC Control panel, Servo control panel, SCADA Control Panel, DSC Control Panel and many more.

Automation replaces the physical involvement of the individual with the utilization of logical programming commands and controlling machinery.

What are the Types of Industrial Automation?

Nowadays, many industries are based on industrial automated systems performing everything from manufacturing jobs to operating an ATM. The complexity level and human contact with an automated system differ by application use. Applications of industrial automation solutions generally fall into three categories such as fixed, programmable, and flexible.

Fixed: Also called rigid or hard automation, this type of automation is slightly flexible and often used to perform repetitive tasks with precise equipment in order to advance production effectiveness and throughput rates. After setting up a fixed automation solution, it is hard to modify the procedures or reconfigure the tools. Fixed automation solutions are the best choice for consistent and stable production. Its examples are assembly lines used in the automotive industry.

Programmable: Programmable automation solution is good for batches of products where the command for the automated system varies over time, generally based on the product manufacturing. The control program can be programmed again for each batch with the precise details and the essential processing tasks and sequencing. It is generally used for medium volumes, sometimes for low or high volumes when finances are justified. Its examples are industrial robots.

Flexible: Also called soft automation, which is identical to programmable automation. It offers suppleness for product changeovers. The big benefit of flexible automation is that the product changeovers are transmitted by the control system and take place rapidly and automatically – reducing the time needed to reconfigure the tool in between batches. Its examples are CNC machines.


Because of its great benefits, industrial automation is used in various industries. It offers better production and improves safety and quality at low costs.

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