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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

What is AC Drive Benefits of Lenze AC Drive & AC Motor Drive HVAC and AC

An AC drive refers to a device used for controlling the speed of an electrical motor with the aim of enhancing process control, reducing the usage of energy, form energy resourcefully, reduce mechanical stress on applications based on motor control, and optimizing the function of applications based on electric motors.

Drives are also useful for converting energy from natural and renewable assets like the wind or sun and pass on it to the electrical network. Lenze AC drive is also used for merging conventional energy resources and energy storage to form complete energy management solutions in hybrid technologies.  

AC drives are sometimes referred to as variable frequency drives (VFD), adjustable frequency drives, adjustable speed drives, inverters, variable frequency drives, frequency converters, variable speed drives, and power converters.

In order to save the environment, we need to work on energy conservation and therefore it's essential to have speed control devices, and AC drives, which offer the optimum way to control the speed of electrical motors and easily match the load demand. Remember a little change in motor speed can cause major changes in energy utilization.

AC drives are not only helpful for industrial purposes but they are playing a major role in our everyday life by making it more sustainable.

Benefits of Lenze AC Drive & AC Motor Drive 

AC Drives control motors that are often worked at a constant speed. Drives help users to control the motor speed without putting any stress on the system.

Control Processes: Drives, control the output of the process and match the need; easily synchronize with various parts of the main process and offer smooth flow between sub-processes. You can easily change the setup when the process needs any variation.

Reduce system stress: Drives reduce the start-up current, which is ideal for using smaller fuses and supplying connections, and reducing major loads on the electrical network. It also reduces the automatic shock in the start and stops conditions.

Save Energy: Drives save a huge amount of electrical energy as compare to the conventional methods of process control. For example in pump and fan applications, twenty to fifty percent of energy is saved by drives.


The main process of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) applications is linked to heating, cooling, drying, and flowing air. The supportive procedures are mostly linked to taking the additional heat out of the premises or giving extra heat energy to the construction.

Compressors, fans, and pumps are the most common HVAC applications where ac drives are used.

Fans and pumps: Instead of using vanes, dampers, and valves or on/off control using an ac-drive in a fan or pump application is useful for saving energy. The pump and fan speed is easily controlled by ac drives. It changes the electrical energy supplied instead of damping the air- or water flow. It is similar to reducing the car speed by putting less pressure on the accelerator rather than using the brake to reduce the speed.

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