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Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

What Is A VFD Control Panel General Concept in Industries

VFD Panel: What is it?

The VFD Panel, sometimes referred to as a VFD Control Panel, is used to regulate the speed of the feed pump and electric motor.

They are extensively utilised in drilling, pumping, and other large machine applications, such as compressor and conveyor.

There are two ways to control the speed of an AC motor: either by adjusting the voltage or the frequency.

Due to consistent flux density, frequency control provides greater control than voltage control.

This is where the functionality of VFDs is useful.

It is a power conversion device that changes the input power's fixed voltage and fixed frequency into an output with variable voltage and variable frequency to control AC induction motors.

Most industrial applications call for stable speeds during times of low load and variable speeds during times of high demand.

VFDs that operate in closed loop mode keep the motor's speed constant despite input and load fluctuations.

Why use VFD panels?

VFD has two key features: variable speeds and soft start/stop functions.

VFDs are an effective controller for controlling AC motors thanks to these two features.

Advantages of VFDs

In addition to providing customizable speeds for precise and accurate control applications, variable frequency drives also have significant advantages in terms of process control and energy conservation.

Below are a few of these.

Conserve energy

Electric motors in industries utilise more than 65% of the energy.

When the motor needs variable speed, both the magnitude and frequency control techniques to change the speed use less power.

Therefore, these VFDs conserve a lot of energy.

By continuously comparing the motor speed with the reference speed despite changes in the loading conditions and input disturbances like voltage fluctuations, closed loop regulating VFD enables accurate positioning of the motor speed.

Restricts the beginning current

When beginning, an induction motor uses 6 to 8 times the nominal current.

Because they offer low frequency when beginning, VFDs perform better than conventional starters. Low frequency causes the motor to draw less current, which never exceeds its nominal rating during beginning and operation.

Efficient operation

It provides smooth starting and stopping operations and lessens the mechanical and thermal strain on belt drives and motors.

Elevated power factor

The DC connection of the VFD's built-in power factor correction circuit eliminates the requirement for extra power factor correction devices.

In particular no-load applications, the induction motor's power factor is quite low, however under full load, it ranges from 0.88 to 0.9.

Due to large reactive losses, low power factor causes poor power utilisation.

Simple installation

Factory connected and preprogrammed VFDs provide a simple connection and maintenance method.

Pressurized panels and purging

Explosion- and flame-proof panels

PLC systems for SIL safety

Systems for Distributed Control

Type-tested assembly panels per IEC 61439

VFD panels, also known as variable frequency drives, are an essential component of any manufacturing or construction facility.

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A VFD panel is essential for maintaining the output inside of any facility because of its reliable operation.

Any malfunction in its operation may set off a series of events that would halt production throughout the entire factory.

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How To Use A VFD Panel

These panels typically have a circuit breaker or relay that trips in the event of a damaged input power line.

It safeguards not only the drive but also the connected equipment to the main line.

The VFD panel should have a door made of a frequency control potentiometer.

Its setup primarily assists in sending control signals to the motor.

Finally, it safeguards the ecosystem.

Engineers and manufacturers employ VFD panels for a variety of factors, one of which is this.

Furthermore, this could lead to issues that are both immediate and long-term.

Extreme weather and temperature protection is not a feature of VFD panels.

Numerous field indicators make it possible to learn in real time how much power the drive is using.

Additionally, it has controls that enable the operator to change its frequency as needed.

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