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Posted on 13th Dec 2023

What is a Reduced Voltage Soft Starter (RVSS)?

CM Industry Supply Automation - Keb Drive Supplier

According to CM Industry Supply Automation - Lenze Drive & Keb Drive Supplier, Reduced Voltage Soft Starter (RVSS) is an electrical device used to start and control the acceleration of electric motors. It is designed to reduce the mechanical and electrical stresses during motor starting, thereby extending the lifespan of the motor and the connected equipment.

The soft starter achieves a gradual increase in voltage to the motor, as opposed to the abrupt full-voltage starting that occurs with direct-on-line (DOL) starting methods. By limiting the starting current and torque, a soft starter minimizes the impact on the power system and mechanical components. This is particularly beneficial in applications where a high inrush current could lead to voltage sags, voltage dips, or other undesirable effects on the power distribution system.

Reduced Voltage Soft Starters typically employ solid-state electronics to control the voltage applied to the motor during startup. The most common type of RVSS is the voltage ramp soft starter, which gradually increases the voltage supplied to the motor over a preset time period, resulting in a smooth and controlled acceleration.

Some advantages of using Reduced Voltage Soft Starters include:

Reduced Mechanical Stress: Soft starters help reduce the mechanical stress on the motor and connected machinery by gradually ramping up the voltage and torque, preventing sudden shocks.

Minimized Inrush Current: By limiting the inrush current during startup, soft starters prevent voltage drops and reduce the impact on the power supply system.

Extended Motor Life: The controlled startup and reduced stress on the motor components contribute to longer motor life.

Energy Savings: Soft starters can help save energy compared to direct-on-line starting methods, especially in applications where frequent starting and stopping occur.

Smooth Operation: The gradual acceleration provided by soft starters ensures a smooth and controlled startup, which is essential in applications where precise control is required.

Reduced Voltage Soft Starters find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, mining, water treatment, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and more. They are particularly useful in situations where the starting current and torque requirements need to be managed to avoid adverse effects on the power system and connected equipment.

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