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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

What do you mean by Industrial PC

An industrial PC also called embedded PC refers to a computer designed to offer a set of tasks to a machine or system on a repeatable basis with its intelligence.

Industrial PC Vs Business Computers

Industrial pc or embedded PC systems are made for utilizing in environments where customer/business-grade PC Systems are not appropriate for the application at hand – whether it be the complete performance required or nearby environmental situation. Some of the specific requirements are:-

Consistency; 24*7 and comprehensive operation

Supply longevity

Competent thermal indulgence offered through custom system design

Operation in extensive temperatures; hot, cold, and humid extremities

Safeguarding against deprived or asymmetrical power supply

Remote location fixing was attended support is complex regarding serviceability and maintenance

Like their customer PC offset parts, industrial PCs are available in different formats and footprints like Panel PCs, motherboards, and system PCs.

Industrial PCs are made to offer repeatability of solutions usually being offered on 3-5 year life span availabilities with a substitute program running at the back. And when the computer model reaches an EOL condition – another model will mechanically restore it that’s like a footprint, and offers alike features – but with improved efficiencies through advancements in computer technology, connectivity, and a diversity of minor choices like storage or memory.

Industrial PCs are available in the guise of using dependable difficult instruction sets like x86 (Intel or AMD) or RISC (reduced instruction sets) – ARM processors.

Construction and Features of Industrial PC

All industrial PCs are based on an underlying design idea i.e. to provide a controlled environment for the mounted electronics to endure the applications they need to deal with. Their electronic parts are picked for their capability to withstand higher and lower working temperatures as compared to usual commercial parts. Here are some usual features found in industrial PCs:-

Enclosure or Metal boards

The small form features as possible to offer for dense sizing.

The enclosure includes a provision to mount within its close environment.

Wide working temperature way out such as 40 to 75°C

   Substitute cooling ways like conduction, liquid, fanless (passive), and forced air (active)

   Increase card maintenance and support through interfaces like M.2, mini PCI, and PCIe.

   Improved EMI filtering

   Improved environmental safety like high pressure, dust, moisture, whole immersion, or water spray.

  Circular-MIL connectors or sealed MIL-SPEC.

Top-level power supply

I/O controlled access via access cover use

Addition of a regulator timer to retune the system mechanically in case of software lock-up

Industrial PC Repair

CM Industry Supply Automation is a supplier and repair service provider of industrial PCs and touchscreen panels. Our Industrial PC repair services are highly beneficial for the industrial automation business. Designed and made to offer consistent operation in difficult environments, our industrial PCs can withstand any condition to offer you maximum productivity.