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Posted on 9th Oct 2023

What are the benefits of a Lenze smd frequency converter?

Lenze SMD Frequency Converter

Strong scalar-controlled drives called Lenze esmd are employed in a variety of industrial systems. Please check CM Industry Supply Automation - Servo Drive & Servo Motor Expert for more updates.

Functions of the Lenze scalar frequency converter

Changing the speed of synchronous and asynchronous motors is one of the key functions of the gadget. By altering the frequency settings at the inverter outputs, this is accomplished.

Scalar technique is used to control the presented series. Such drives operate primarily by altering the frequency and amplitude of the supply voltage.

All operations are therefore based on the formula U / f = const, where U - is the motor's rated voltage and f - is the motor's rated frequency.

Frequency converters from Lenze are frequently employed in the following sectors because of their ease of use:

  •     metallurgy;
  •     textile
  •     building
  •     food production
  •     heating system, etc.

As you can see, these sensors have a very broad and diverse operational range. This element helps explain why these types of inverters have a high dispersion.

Lenze ESM Manual of Selection

The esmd range of Lenze frequency converters has numerous variants. The order code of a model will reveal its key qualities.

Think about decoding the traits on the model E SMD 152 X2 SFA 8 as an example.

1. E - In this instance, the letter "E" designates that the gadget falls under the category of electronic goods.

2. The device's type, a converter with scalar control (U/f = const), is indicated by the SMD letters.

3. 152, a gadget power indicator. The power value (15 W) is represented by the first two figures in the aforementioned example, which is 152. The third one (2) instructs you to double this amount by 102. Therefore, in this instance, the device power will be 15 x 102, or 1500 W, or 1.5 kW.

4. X - The type of communication is indicated by this parameter (Modbus, for instance). The letter X in the given code denotes the absence of such messages.

5. 2 serves as a supply voltage indicator. There are just two possible interpretations: 2 (230/240V) and 4 (400/480V).

6. S denotes the quantity of phases. In this series, frequency convertors come in single phase (S), three phase (T), and mixed versions (Y) options.

7. F - Determines if an internal filter is present or not. The letter F denotes the presence of this element in the model, whereas X denotes its absence in the design.

8. A- denotes the level of device protection. The inverter in this instance has IP20, as indicated by the letter A.

The label will additionally record input and output current settings, the hardware version, and any available firmware in addition to the information specified in the code.

Advantages of ESMD and additional gear

One of the key characteristics of the Lenze SMD series available at CM Industry Supply Automation is an additional built-in PI controller capability. With this capability, converters can be used in a variety of systems with feedback.

Such a function works by comparing predetermined parameters with the current values. Following comparative analysis, a unique signal is created that aids in balancing the desired and existent parameters.

In addition to using basic components, combining a drive with extra equipment is advised. The following gadgets are compatible with the ESMD Inverter:

  •     Incredibly fast electrical fuses.
  •     The linear throttles.
  •     Temperature gauge.

The system's inclusion of such devices will considerably improve job productivity and safety.

Lenze drive can, in general, be an efficient and straightforward choice for finishing routine activities in production.

The most well-liked models of the Lenze frequency inverter series are available on our website.