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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

What are the advantages of Servo Motors

Servo motors refers to motors capable to providing accurate motion control. The servo motor system feedback senses the dissimilarity between the real and required speed or position so that the controller can change the output to correct some drift from the end position. Two fundamental types of servo motors are the positional rotation and continuous rotation.

The servo motor includes a DC motor. The DC motors turn at high rpm and extremely low torque. However, within a servo motor, there is a gears arrangement that will take the high pace of the inner DC motor and make its speed slow, while simultaneously increasing the torque. Therefore, the servo's gear design rotation speed is very slow along with high torque. Servo motor gears are often made of plastic to keep it light and to keep its costs lower. However, as servo motors are made to offer more torque for heavier work, they often utilize metal gears.

servo motor includes an encoder, positional sensor, on the ending gear. On the basis of closed-loop control, the comparison take place by the microcontroller regarding the actual rotor position to the desired position and forms an error signal. The generated error signal are later used for generating the suitable control signal to shift the rotor to the last position. Servos that are more sophisticated even measure speed to offer more exact and smoother movement.

Positional rotation servo motors are mainly used for small-scale projects where reasonable exact positioning is required. It is considered as the most generally and cheap servo motor that rotates within a 180 degrees range. This motor not have the capability to offer speed control or continuous rotation. In addition, it has physical stops made into the gear mechanism for preventing turning further than these limits to defend the rotational sensor.

Continuous rotation servo motors can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise continuously, at changing speeds based on the command signal.

Why you should choose a Servo Motor?

Servo motors have various advantages and are often chosen for the following reasons;

Very efficient

Very reliable

Highly accurate

Appropriate for unkind environments

Soaring acceleration

Smooth operating

Compact size

Quiet working

Closed-loop control

High torque ratio to inertia