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Posted on 19th Jan 2024

VFD Suppliers

Lenze Drive

Finding Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) suppliers such as CM Industry Supply Automation can be done through various channels. Here are some common methods to locate VFD suppliers:

Local Electrical Supply Stores: Check with local electrical supply stores or distributors. They often carry a range of electrical components, including VFDs. You can visit the store in person or check their websites for product catalogs.

Industrial Equipment Suppliers: Companies that specialize in industrial equipment and automation solutions often supply VFDs. Look for suppliers that cater to your specific industry or application.

Online Marketplaces: Explore online platforms and marketplaces where industrial equipment is bought and sold. Websites like Alibaba, Amazon, and others may have a variety of VFD suppliers.

Manufacturer Websites: Check the official websites of VFD manufacturers. Many manufacturers have lists of authorized distributors and suppliers on their websites. Some well-known VFD manufacturers include Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, and Danfoss.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attend industry-specific trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. These events often bring together a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers showcasing their products. It's an excellent opportunity to meet representatives, ask questions, and compare different VFD offerings.

Consulting with Engineers and Professionals: Reach out to engineers, consultants, or professionals in the electrical and industrial automation fields. They may have recommendations based on their experiences and industry contacts.

Online Directories: Utilize online directories that focus on industrial suppliers and distributors. Websites like ThomasNet, Yellow Pages, and industry-specific directories can help you find VFD suppliers.

Networking: Connect with professionals in your industry through networking events, forums, or social media platforms. Industry-specific forums and LinkedIn groups can be valuable resources for recommendations and insights.

When choosing a VFD supplier such as CM Industry Supply Automation offering Lenze Drive, Keb Drive, Siemens Drive and more brand drives at most affordable price in the market. You have to consider factors such as product quality, reputation, after-sales support, and pricing. Additionally, verify that the supplier offers the specific type and model of VFD that meets your requirements. Always check customer reviews and testimonials if available, and ensure that the supplier provides adequate technical support and warranty coverage.