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Servo Drive & Motor Expert | VFD AC Drive Repair

Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Variable Speed Drive - VSD or Variable Frequency Drives - VFD Repair Reduces Costs and Downtime

VSDs (Variable Speed Drive), Inverters, and VFDs (Variable frequency drives) all have the same goal i.e. controlling the speed and torque of an AC motor by changing the motor supply's frequency and voltage. In new applications, they can take a range of input signals and changes the motor output based on the predefined software, which is installed. This is the way that drives become capable of making important energy savings by matching the output of the motor to the process demand.

Over time, the drive sizes have severely reduced, while the controlling features and the overall energy savings have increased significantly. This advancement even means that a huge deal of the new equipment is now outdated, so if any issues do develop, finding an appropriate VFD repair service may be difficult. Some might suggest a complete replacement, but this cannot be a cost-effective solution, particularly on larger parts of equipment.

Avoiding downtime

Most industrial procedures will have a time set for maintenance; it may be an exact shut-down period or it might be a usual program that looks at particular items in a way that matches the on-site maintenance department. However, these maintenance schedules will check the mechanical items such as chains, motors, belts, pumps, bearings, fans, and so on, but will overlook to execute any checks on the electrical side.

A cyclic electrical examination might be executed on the wiring installation, but unless particularly identified, products such as drives would be absent from such examination. Usually, variable speed drives are considered as ‘black box’ technology and thus only warrant notice when something becomes wrong. Regrettably, this way can lead to considerable downtime, which might have a big impact on usual production.

Many commercial and industrial firms are taking a more practical way to maintenance but usually, this is not applied to electrical devices such as VSDs. In many conditions, the in-house maintenance department might not have the essential skills or devices and so it would be good to employ the services of professionals CM Industry Supply Automation instead of overlooking the issues.

Hiring an experienced repairer can be worthy, not only for the pre-emptive maintenance examination but even for repairs and usual product support that can reduce downtime in the event of a failure.

Periodic inspections include analyzing error codes along with inspecting electrolytic capacitors, PCBs (printed circuit boards), performing insulation resistance tests, fan and ventilation checks & utilizing thermography to spot any loose connections, or overheating parts. Even the control program must be checked and even saved to an outside location permitting it to be reloaded onto a new drive while catastrophic failure.

On-site analysis to verify the cause

In conditions where the drive becomes failed, on-site analysis is important to verify the failure causes and to assess a most efficient solution. Often the consumer, and more particularly the operator, can offer crucial information that can be utilized with the error code information to find the root cause of the failure. A thorough evaluation will conclude if the repair can be done on-site or if the drive requires to take to the service centre.

In various conditions, the control side will be functional; it is generally the power side, which fails, as this has to carry out the bulk of the work. However, it is necessary that all parts like IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), diodes, and capacitors, which form the speed control features heart within a VFD, be in fully functional order.

Additionally, it is crucial to check the fixed part as well, in condition, there is a cable or a winding fault, which causes problems within the drive. These checks involve control software verification to ensure that it is fulfilling the application requirements. In some conditions improvements can be done to the software, which will progress performance and efficiency, delivering more advantages to the customer.

It is important to perform regular maintenance of VSDs while the drive is functional. Not only does it identify the problem, but it may also even offer solutions, which can be implemented rapidly. Regular maintenance reduces the chances of VFD failure and breakdown. With over 10 years of experience in electronic drive control units repair, CM Industry Supply Automation can offer a cost-effective package for regular maintenance and complete repair service of Variable Speed Drive - VSD or Variable Frequency Drives - VFD.