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Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

Variable Frequency Drive Designed to Save Money

PLC (Programmable logic controllers) and HMI (human-machine interfaces) are the keystones of new automation system.  These systems work like a brains of an industrial machine. They ensure that all aspects of the machine are working correctly and precisely.  Depending on the machine size, many big size PLC’s or may be one is used on a machine.  These important units can become highly expensive, so it is crucial to choose the right one for your machine.

In this article, CM Industry Supply Automation would define newer technology designed to save money.  VFD or variable frequency drive is made for controlling the electric motor speed to match the quick requirement of an application.  Some of these motors works at 100% speed every time even if there is no necessity.  Variable Frequency Drives are utilized to change the whole amount of energy transferred to the motor by checking several inputs and determining whether to raise or low the amount of energy transferred to a motor.

For instance, if consumers are operating a machine and required to pump coolant all through it, then the pump motor might operation uninterruptedly at 1,000 RPM.  However, if manufacturing has slowed or if the machine is working much cooler than often then operating the motor at that rate is completely inefficient.  In such condition placing variable frequency drive within the system plus sensors, will determine if the pump requires to be slowed down and repeatedly regulate the energy transferred to the motor.  During slower manufacturing times, the pump motor perhaps reduced to only 600 RPM thus saves energy directly.

The great feature about motors is that the savings of energy are non-linear that means speed reduction from 1,000 RPM to 600RPM does not decrease consumption of energy by 40%.  You can say it’s a cubic relation to saving of energy means that a Variable Frequency Drive incorporated in the system will utilize 22% of energy than at 1,000 RPM.  For this setting, the Variable Frequency Drive will save approximately 80% of the expenditure spent on energy when operating at a low speed.

When motors are made into a system, we usually select them on the basis of power that means the one which is powerful enough to manage the biggest task or load, would be our final choice.  Often, it is carried out to ensure the motor is not matched with a substantial challenge.  There is a no need of motor controller as the system will operate full speed even if it is surplus. 

The significance of a Variable frequency drive is how it helps saving money over time.  The main part of savings available from a reduction of:

  • System energy consumption
  • Maintenance required as the Variable Frequency Drive protects the powered function of the motor
  • Downtime since the system can make sure adjustments of speed for the operation.

CM Industry Supply Automation highlights many such benefits of VFD in their industrial automation blogs.

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