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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Ultimate Guide to learn Servo Drive by CM Industry Supply Automation

A servo drive is a type of electronic amplifier utilized to control electric servomechanisms. Command signal sent by the control system is received by servo drive then amplifies it and sends out electric current to a servo motor to create motion. It is used in applications such as manufacturing, robotics, and automation. There are different types of servo drive available, however, the most general one is the torque-mode amplifier which provides various advantages such as better positioning, higher speed, and more competent motion control. Servo drive offers motor feedback which helps to determine disruptions in the precision of the command motion.

Servo Motors are fundamental electric motors utilizing an extra servomechanism to control exact angular rotation. They are built up of various components like AC and DC motors and are used in a closed-loop system, which lists position feedback for controlling the rotating speed. Nowadays, servo motors are utilized in large industrial applications for various purposes like controlling & more.

What are the types of Servo Drive?

Linear Servo Amplifiers and Pulse Width Modulated Amplifiers are two main types of servo amplifiers used:

Linear Amplifiers are generally utilized in applications that require less than 100 watts. Also, when the input cannot be switched because of the restrictions of other components of the system. These servo amplifier types are often run hotter.

Pulse Width Modulate Servo Amplifiers control the voltages on and off at greater speed to attain the standard target voltage. This produces a more energy-efficient servo drive and makes far less heat too. These types of servo amplifiers are more common than linear amplifiers.

Applications of Servo Drive

Servo drives are utilized for various applications. As they are assembled into broader devices they are found in many various industries.

Aerospace, Marine, Aviation, Satellite Communication, Laboratory Automation, Arctic Drilling, Ground Mobile, and Extreme Outdoor Operation are some common applications in which servo drives are used.

In addition, servo drives are used in:

Robotics – Servomotors are utilized on the robot arm's joint to check the angle and pace of movement.

Printing press – Servo motors can regulate the start and stop of the print heads and the paper movement ensuring precise printing.

Conveyor belts – In many manufacturing environments, servo drives are utilized to stop and start conveyor belts.

Metal cutting machines – the exact motion control, that servo motors can offer make it ideal for different metal cutting and forming machines such as milling, lathes, punching, grinding, and pressing.

Camera focusing – inside lots of cameras there are little servo motors, which help with the autofocus purpose on the lenses.

Automatic Doors – Highly common application since automatic doors are utilized everywhere in shops, hotels, and offices; servo motors regulate the door movement once the indication from the person has been received.

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