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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Ultimate Guide for Lenze AC Tech Drives - Lenze Products

The SC & TC Series

SC & TC Series drives well known as Sub-Micro series are the smallest and most useful drives in the world. This ultimate guide will give you detailed information about Lenze AC Tech Drives Product. SC & TC Series drives are designed for the international market in IP20 enclosures. They are projected for panel mounting within an appropriate enclosure.

SC & TC Series drives have a “through-hole” mounting option that helps to expand the anodized heat sink to the outside of the enclosure.

The Series SCF provides an extensive power range and input voltage capacity. It has 18 control terminals that offer highly advanced functions such as RS485 serial communications above Modbus RTU.

The SCL Series for lower power applications i.e. up to 3 Hp/2.2 kW and SCM Series for power up to 5 Hp/4 kW provide 11 control terminals. It includes a programmable Form A relay to indicate status.

The SCL comprises a fixed filter to match the firm European CE standards.

The Series SCD is a complete-featured drive, compatible with DeviceNet. One of the best advantages of the SCD series drive is that it retains its LED display while utilizing the interface of DeviceNet.

The Series TCF comprises Sensorless Vector control algorithms that make complete torque down to 1Hz output frequency to the motor. Having complete control flexibility of the SCF, the TCF series drive offers better speed regulation and over-torque capacity.

The Micro Series

Often known as MC series, the AC Tech MC Series are generally micro-Drives, available in very compact form. The micro-series drives are economical drives obtainable in steel enclosures rated from NEMA 1 to stainless NEMA 4X. It features simple English displays, programs, which means this drive speaks our language, and we understand its function easily.

For constant torque applications, MC1000 and MC3000 Series drives are recommended.

The MC1000 are useful for bi-directional applications.

The MC3000 is useful for applications requiring set-point control with the built-in PID feature.

The MCH is known as a variable torque drive for HVAC applications. It comes in different ranges like line reactor, bypass, circuit breaker or input disconnect. PID Setpoint Control is the standard feature of MCH.

The QC Series

Known as the workhorse, the QC series drives are perfect for industrial and commercial applications. These drives include a big 2-line backlit LCD and are obtainable for all standard power supplies from 200V through 590V.

For common constant torque applications, QC1000 and QC2000 Series drives are perfect, while for variable torque loads like pumping applications or HVAC, the QC3000 series is perfect. The QC Series comes with choices like a disconnect, line reactor, and bypass.

Some common features available on all Lenze AC tech drives are:

Approvals of agency: 

  • UL, cUL, CSA

Electrical and Environmental Specifications:

  • +10/-15% Input Voltage Tolerance
  • 48 to 62 Hz Input Frequency Tolerance
  • -20 to 70 C Storage Temperature
  • 95% non-condensing or humidity
  • 1000m altitude
  • 97% or more efficiency
  • 0.96 displacement or power factor

Features in Interface:

  • Keypad/Display are mounted on the front
  • Consumer Terminal Strip
  • Compatible to TechLink


  • Self-regulating Accel/Decel
  • Stop by the coast or ramp
  • Restart Automatically
  • Easy adjustment of V/Hz
  • DC Braking to adjust Voltage and Time
  • Vital Frequency Lockout
  • Torque Limit
  • Adjustment of Carrier Frequency
  • Voltage enhancement
  • Jog
  • Speed preset
  • Minimum and Maximum Frequency limits

Lenze provides an extensive range of well-performing automation products to meet the requirements of all industrial speed control applications. Lenze products such as Lenze Drive, Lenze AC Tech, Lenze inverters, Lenze Motors, Lenze VFD are designed with highest standard and quality. Lenze offers solutions to meet nearly any industrial automation product requirement in all the power range.

Hope you like our ultimate guide. Stay tuned with CM Industry Supply Automation for more updates.