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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Top Five Servo Drive Manufacturers in Industrial Automation

Servo drives are an essential part of a servo system. It works together with a motor, controller, and feedback device. Servo drives obtain instructions from the controller for the set motion for the motor. It then passes the perfect range of electrical current to allow the motor to carry out the motion required.

There are various types of servo drives. Some of the servo drives control torque, velocity, as well as positioning. However, torque is the highly used variable in lots of servo systems as it sends the exactly needed voltage and current to motors.

Servo drives are even known as amplifiers.

There are various manufacturers of servo drives around the world. CM Industry Supply Automation share the top five servo drive manufacturers in industrial automation.


Lenze is a big name in drives and motion control products. Lenze servo drive include Servo Drives 9400 (0.37 - 370 kW), Servo Drives 9400, Servo Drives 9400 (0.37 - 370 kW), 9300 Servo Inverters (0.37 - 75 kW).

Lenze Servo inverters are available in the power range from 0.37 to 75.0 kW; 3 x 400/480 V.

Lenze 9300 Servo Inverters are available in the power range from 0.37 - 75 kW and ECS Servo System.

Lenze Servo Motors are very dynamic synchronous and asynchronous servo motors.


KEB Servo drives are a robust product for injection moulding and extrusion machines. KEB Servo Drive performance guarantee reliable end plastic product. KEB COMBIVERT S6 Intelligent Servo Drives and KEB F5 Servo Drive are available at CM Industry Supply Automation. You can get KEB Drive Repair services from us. KEB is a renowned name in the plastic injection moulding machine market with more than 30% market share.


Siemens servo drives are best for complex applications. Siemens is giving a new and innovative servo drive system to all industries. SINAMICS servo drives are designed for applications in which motion control functionality must be fast and exactly controlled. Siemens provides the precise match across the biggest product spectrum ranges from simple position movement to high speed coordinated multi-axis systems that include kinematics. Some of the best features that make SINAMICS servo drives such as SINAMICS V90 servo drive and SINAMICS S210 servo drive best from all is the consistent integrated engineering tools, innovative drive-based safety technology, and the high level of integration. It all comes with SIMATIC controllers and Siemens TIA Portal that permit drag and drop configuration and innovative simulation capabilities.   

Schneider Electric

Servo motors and servo drives are used in many types of machinery that needs exact position control. Servo drives are mainly used in Automation, Robotics, Camera focus, and conveyor belt system. Schneider Electric offers an exclusive range of Elau drives, servo drives and servo motors that has a power range of up to 24 kW for free or synchronized motion control. They used technology that transform the industrial and manufacturing industry with saleable applications and machine control systems. Some of the best Schneider drives are Lexium 32 & Motors, Lexium 23 Plus and Lexium 28 & Motors. The industrial globe has become a much different globe; it simplifies lives and optimized manufacturing systems. Eventually, the market field benefits from reasonable services.

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