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Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

Top 5 Uses of VFD - Variable Frequency Drives

VFD often called Variable frequency drive is an important part in any machine. VFD is a motor controller accountable to drive an electric motor by changing the applied voltage and frequency to the same. It is also known as adjustable frequency drive, adjustable speed drive, variable speed drive, AC Drive, or inverter.

It is very crucial to maintain a Variable Frequency Drive to ensure the smooth working of any machine. In any condition if there is any defect occur in the drive, it is sensible to seek reliable VFD repair services provided by CM Industry Supply Automation without any delay.

Based on Variable Frequency Drive fundamentals, the term VFD and AC drive are identical. Variable frequency drives are used in several industries. 5 applications where VFDs are used:

Crane and Elevator Applications

The Variable Frequency Drive are used in crane and other elevator applications results in an efficacy up to 90% because of the accuracy offered by the device. Here, Variable frequency drives are utilized in asynchronous motors in above elevator and crane applications to lift substantial weight easily and competently.

Irrigation Pumping

Variable Frequency Drives are utilized in irrigation pumping having many advantages for the sector such as reduced costs of pumping applications. Here, Variable Frequency Drives are utilized in a motor connection with the irrigation pump’s curve.

The curve is designed into a mockup program that highlights how the changing speed influences the pump’s behavior. This variation, along with the variation in the kilowatts power utilized by the pump at changed duty points permits you to make a right decision.

Air-conditioning System (AC)

This is a very common utilization of VFD (variable frequency drive) to control temperature of AC. This Variable frequency drive use has bigger environmental consequences as it cuts down the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere and saves energy.

Particularly in the sub-tropical areas where the use of air-conditioners is rather high, Variable Frequency Drive help makers to come up with new designs with smart technology and energy-saving machines for tackling major environmental concerns.


VFD is even advantageous for all the fitness enthusiasts as it is present in treadmills. Here, they are utilized along with an AC motor like a replacement to earlier-used DC motors.

Previously, DC brush motors were utilized in treadmills for cost-saving aims, but did not withstand due to high failure ratio of carbon brush and commutator equipment, low-speed rotation and extra maintenance cost. These flaws were overawed by Variable Frequency Drives utilized with AC motors.

Pulp and Paper machines

VFDs are used in the pulp and paper machines. Lenze VFD permit the energy points of every machine to start and stop discretely. It makes facility to adjust the speeds. They help to increase and decrease the sync machine speed efficiently.

With the utilization of Variable Frequency Drive, the paper machine speed would be mechanically recovered as the unique working speed after paper tensioning. You can regulate the extreme design speed according to precise production needs with an extra stop utility in the machine.