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Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

Support For VFD Preventive Maintenance From CM Industry Supply Automation

VFD Maintenance: Important Factors

The three primary principles of variable frequency drive maintenance—keeping them clean, dry, and with tight connections—are straightforward.To ensure that each criteria is met, owners and facility managers must develop routine preventative maintenance and inspection procedures.

Preventing VFD Cleanup

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has several categories that VFDs fit within.

The majority of VFDs are NEMA 1 or NEMA 12.

NEMA 1 VFDs include side vents to improve airflow and are designed for indoor applications.

These vents offer some defence against solid foreign objects, but they also let dust build up inside the appliance and on the vents.

This may prevent the VFD unit from being cooled by heat sinks and circulating fans.

They need routine cleaning to prevent material buildup that might impair performance or obstruct airflow.

NEMA 12 VFDs are closed devices that are sealed against dust and debris, as opposed to NEMA 1 units.

Drying off VFDs

Maintenance of VFD

VFDs are susceptible to moisture damage, like the majority of electronics.

Dehumidifiers can assist keep the ambient humidity level in storage areas low enough to lower the danger of corrosion.

NEMA 12 devices with sealed casings are more resistant to accidental drops and splashes, but they should still be checked frequently to limit their exposure to water.

Because devices have open side vents, NEMA 1 VFDs are particularly more susceptible to moisture.

Moisture can easily enter the unit and lead to corrosion due to the open vents and an unsealed cover.

It's crucial to properly arrange the area and routinely monitor on-site VFDs because even a small amount of water leaking from a nearby dehumidifier unit might cause the device to malfunction.

Maintaining Tight VFD Connections

To function, variable frequency drives need tight connections.

Even while the units themselves may not be moved frequently, mechanical vibration, repeated heating and cooling, or even unintentional movement over extended periods of time, can cause connections to loosen with time.

The connections should be routinely checked for loose connections or overtightening by facility management since these actions can result in faults that are similar to those caused by loose connections.

By strictly following tight preventative maintenance routines, each of these three requirements can be fulfilled.

It can be challenging to repair electronic faults and identify underlying problems with VFDs when something goes wrong because malfunctions can grow gradually and covertly.

Regular inspections halt the problems before they ever start.

Support For VFD Preventive Maintenance From CM Industry Supply Automation

All electrical equipment should undergo routine preventative maintenance, especially when it comes to electric motors and moving parts.

VFDs operate better and cost less to repair and replace when they are kept clean, dry, and well-connected.

CM Industry Supply Automation is here to assist you maintain your VFDs running smoothly.

For more than 35 years, we have specialised in providing preventative maintenance services and electric motor repairs to businesses all around the world.

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