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Posted on 14th Dec 2023

Some Common Misconceptions You Might Have About VFDs

KEB Drive - CM Industry Supply Automation

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are widely used in industrial applications for controlling the speed of electric motors. However, there are several misconceptions that people may have about VFDs. CM Industry Supply Automation - Lenze Drive & Keb Drive supplier share six common misconceptions:

VFDs Always Save Energy:

While VFDs are known for their energy-saving capabilities by adjusting motor speed to match the load requirements, it's essential to recognize that energy savings depend on the specific application. In some cases, running a motor at full speed may be more energy-efficient than running it at reduced speed with a VFD.

VFDs Can Be Applied to Any Motor:

Not all motors are suitable for VFD applications. Older motors, in particular, may not be designed to handle the fast switching frequencies associated with VFDs. It's crucial to check the compatibility of the motor with the VFD and, if necessary, retrofit the motor or choose an appropriate one.

VFDs Cause Motor Heating:

Some people believe that VFDs cause motors to heat up. In reality, if a motor is properly matched with a VFD and the VFD is programmed correctly, it can actually reduce motor heating. However, improper installation, programming, or selecting an incorrectly sized VFD can lead to issues, including motor overheating.

VFDs Always Extend Motor Life:

While VFDs can contribute to motor life extension by reducing stress during starts and stops, constant changes in speed can impact motor insulation. Regular starts and stops at high frequencies can lead to additional wear and tear, so it's important to strike a balance and design the system appropriately.

VFDs Are Maintenance-Free:

VFDs, like any electronic device, require maintenance. It's a misconception to assume they are entirely maintenance-free. Regular checks on cooling systems, electrical connections, and preventive maintenance are necessary to ensure the VFD's long-term reliability.

VFDs Solve all Power Quality Issues:

While VFDs can help improve power factor and reduce harmonics, they may not solve all power quality issues. In some cases, additional power conditioning equipment may be required to address specific power quality problems in a system.

Understanding these misconceptions is crucial for making informed decisions when implementing VFDs in industrial applications. Consulting with experts such as CM Industry Supply Automation - Lenze Drive & Keb F5 Drive supplier and conducting thorough assessments before installation can help dispel these myths and ensure the effective and efficient use of VFD technology.