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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Smart servo axis by Lenze for motion control available with IIoT functions

Machine operators and OEMs get benefit from a new motion control initiative that offers up-to-date, intelligent functions for IIoT and decreases complexity.  

Smart servo axis by Lenze attains up to 20% quicker cycle times. The solution even shows its benefits in engineering.

Smart servo axis by Lenze is a powerhouse with soaring scalability. The Lenze i950 inverter, m850 synchronous motor, and g700 planetary gearbox combination cover a great-precision positioning job along with robotics, dynamic handling, conveyor solutions, and assembly applications. Simultaneously, the i950 comes out as an inclusive data source for the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and the service model depends on it – the use of extra sensors becomes unnecessary due to the smart inverter.

Lenze i950 inverter - Combination of Power and Brain

The variation of special tasks and ideas in industrial automation needs high computing power and intelligent functions both to implement the requirements of Industry 4.0 efficiently. The Lenze i950 inverter is a combination of power and brain both, designed accurately to all the industrial automation requirements.

Dynamic control performance is one of its examples. The optimized kinematics of the inverter consider the control path and the drive axis behind it, which means faults and deviations can be corrected quickly than the contemporary inverters available in the market. Thus, it requires less time to restore the target value. In addition, the deviation from the servo axis's usual operation becomes minimal.

IIoT Information centre 

Future-proof industrial automation must consider the improvement towards the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) – the intelligent utilization of data for making machines smarter and flexible, making service and maintenance more proficient, and enabling new service models and OEM sales. However, where does the requisite data originate? The quickest answer is extra sensors. However, they require much effort: wiring and control systems turn out to be more compounds, costs of planning and installation rises, also materials and maintenance cost rises.

However, Lenze showcases another way. Data intelligent use is already present from the servo axis makes extra components redundant. As an alternative, the Lenze drive works as a sensor that lays the base for services for instance condition monitoring. The Lenze growth professionals suggest to their partners the way to detect belt tension, resistance, and inertia anomalies inaccessible data. In addition, how to make lucrative new service models from the available data.

Cloud easy access

The powerful i950 at the edge easily handles data processing for condition monitoring and prognostic maintenance. However, IIoT even refers to networking apart from the individual machine, for instance, to monitor several systems together to maintain several locations centrally or to standard. Such complex works are typically handled via cloud services, which enable the utilization of ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence). A simple means to move data from the powertrain to IIoT is so vital.

Network simply 

Lenze also matches the need for mechanical engineering when we talk about the wiring. The standardized OCT (One-Cable-Technology) more simplify the machine's design. Now one single connection is needed despite separate supply and data lines. Less wiring cuts down the costs of material and keeps space in the control cabinet. Additionally, potential error sources are reduced: wiring and connection-related failures decreases.


The user requires more smart and flexible machines. Since efficiency also boosts together, constant upgrading – extra interfaces, extra sensors, extra computing power – does not point to the goal. Lenze products focus more on performance instead of complexity, more on data instead of more hardware, and offer better services via intelligence and reliable orientation towards future-proof techniques like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The smart servo axis by Lenze comes out as a strong motion control element in its automation system that unites various approaches bringing time, cost benefits for the OEM, and together support the productivity goals of the user.