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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Small Lenze Drive Can Offer Big Energy Savings

It is not a rocket science to save energy on a large scale. One part that is being unnoticed from many years is small motors and small drives, which are responsible to drive nonstop process items, for instance, fans, pumps, and compressors.

Using VSD, (variable speed drives) and high efficiency motors to save big energy is not a difficult task.

Efficiency of Equipment

The large amount of smaller motors being utilized on any one place can often denote that the savings are similar to that of applying a drive to single big fan motor, but the wealth investment can be far lesser. The contribution to general equipment efficiency (OEE) is moreover larger.

CM Industry Supply Automation professional says, "The thought that small drives can make a big contribution to energy saving is stand out by the figures". CM Industry Supply has played a key role in building a new easy-to-use Energy Saving Program for clients.

"The current rise in energy costs have added to the faster payoff times for small drives, the complete potential saving is large and we consider it is presently being unnoticed," continues CM Industry Supply. 

There are usually just one or two very big motors on a production or processing site, whereas many other sites with any level of fundamental factory process or automation will comprise many smaller electric motors.

Just some production lines can comprise numerous small motors and it is in these conditions where the collective savings could be big i.e. approximately two thirds of industrial electricity use because of electric motors and drive systems running. The cost was currently calculated at over $3 billion per year, a big proportion of which is attributable to operating fans, pumps, and compressors.

The other striking reasons to focus on small drives in terms of energy saving is the speed at which they can be installed and use. The current generation of low-cost Lenze Drive is ready-to-run directly from the box with practical factory settings already present in the memory chip for fan and pump applications. In addition, it has easy to use controls on the front for adjusting speed and basic programming.

Even the footprint of a 'sub-micro' drive designed very small as they can easily fit into the existing control panel on a machine and wired without any fuss.  For example, the 0.25kW Lenze smd drive's footprint is just 93mm wide and 83mm deep. This easy to install and use clearly means that the drive is perfect for quick functioning and energy saving.

What energy-efficient drive solutions offered by Lenze?

When you talk about efficiency classes IE2 and IE3, the Lenze m550 three-phase AC motors meet all energy efficiency policies. Along with the efficient g500 gearboxes and i550 inverters, this complete package represents best energy-efficient solution.

Motors m500

The three-phase motors by Lenze meet all presently applicable energy efficiency needs and are optimize for function with Lenze gearboxes and frequency inverters. 

Gearboxes g500

Lenze gearboxes are known for a compact design, high efficiency, and excellent graduation. 

Inverter i500

The i500 series by Lenze is known as the modular and compact frequency inverters that permit efficient energy used based on your machine requirements.