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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Servo Motor Repair - Quick Repair is the Key

With servomotors normally used in precision manufacturing, downtime leads to high costs. If a servomotor has a fault, it is important that a repair be made as quickly as possible. A fast come back to service must be combined with an assurance of an extremely skillful repair that offers permanent, good performance motion control.

Sourav, Branch Manager at CM Industry Supply Automation, discusses the important requirements of servo motor repair.

Servomotors are an important part of the manufacturing process starting from printing, packaging, textile, to electronic equipment production. Downtime means price through less production, the possibility of missed deadlines, and a negative impact on reputation. Thus, if a servomotor has a fault, it’s crucial that it’s repaired and refurbished as quickly as possible. A servo motor has the ability of rigorous precision at high speed, so it’s important that any repair should give the same performance levels as when it was new.

CM Industry Supply Automation offers a 24/7 in-house servo motors repair service in all parts of India. With a messenger located within an hour of any India location, from the collecting point the servo repair service has the aim to get client support and make servo motor running within a specific time. This also consists of sourcing parts and discontinued products.

Bearing failure is one of the common servo motor faults. It arises inaccuracy within encoders and the brake. In many conditions, these issues are consequences of wear and repeated use. Servo motors are naturally more difficult to repair than induction motors because of their utilization for exacting position control and high-speed acceleration. For instance, the encoder has to be lined up with precise precision to make sure that the essential accuracy can be attained. Thus, it’s crucial that a capable workshop that can offer a guarantee must only be used for servo motor repairs.

During diagnosis, common electrical tests are executed that include insulation resistance tests internal brake analysis, significantly, encoder count, and alignment tests. Then servomotor is stripped and cleaned with the repair or replacement of the encoder as required. In addition, the brake is refurbished.

For achieving the essential accuracy, a balance test is performed on the rotor to eliminate vibration for enhancing performance and reliability. In addition, the stator is overhauled that including removal of any rust on the windings with a heave and high potential test carried out. If needed, rewinds can also be performed in-house which normally take between 8 and 10 hours. Even the core loss testing takes place in-house to verify the rewound motors' performance, and experts assess noise and vibrations.

Resprayed onsite facility is also available for servomotor. A load test is also conducted with an encoder alignment set along with a servo drive and brake testing. When CMIndustrySupply's experts declare that the servomotor is set to re-enter service, it’s sent off to the site of the customer and ready for reinstallation. Significantly, the servo motor also comes back to the customer with a one-year guarantee, which normally is the same as that offered by the maker from new.

CM Industry Supply Automation servo motor workshop is completely equipped and configured to repair all features of any brand or type of servo motor. With a team of highly qualified engineers in the motor repair field, we will give you the best result guarantee. In case a servo motor is beyond repair, we can quickly source new servo motors from major brands such as LenzeKEB, Siemens, Rexroth, Rockwell, Control Techniques, Allen-Bradley, ABB, and more.