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Servo Drive & Motor Expert | VFD AC Drive Repair

Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

Servo Motor Repair by CM Industry Supply Automation

Servo Motors are used every day in automated processes where exact control and positioning required along with high torque. You have already read much about servo motors on our industrial automation blogs. Its features and capabilities are always highlighted but there is little info about the Servo Motor repair and maintenance.

Servo Motors are made with same parts such as stator winding, the shaft, bearings and an end shield same like AC motors. However, the incorporation of an integral feedback device inside Servo Motors makes it quite different from AC Motors. This device become an encoder or a resolver and operate with the controller to confirm that the motor can be programmed to execute difficult tasks like accurate positioning, quick changes in speed and also maintaining a stationary position while maintaining a firm level of torque.

It is vital that the devices programming and set up is integrated into the repair procedure of Servo Motors. This can be possible by using software which is precise to the Servo Motor make and model as there are many brands like Siemens MotorLenze MotorKEB MotorDanfoss MotorYaskwa Motor are available in the market.

CM Industry Supply Automation make frequent investments to ensure that we have a wide range of updated test facilities, which reflect our commitments of consumer services. We have a dedicated Servo Motor Repair Department that helps you 24/7 worldwide.

There are many manufacturers around the globe and it means the repair organization must have an exclusive tools and library of these software program to keep up to date with new motors which come to the market.

Returning Servo Motors to the novel device manufacturer is not always a choice because of uselessness, price or costly lead times. Only a professional Servo Motor Repair services like CM Industry Supply Automation can offer a quick turnaround and guaranteed quality at very low cost.

With servo motors often utilized in precision manufacturing, its down time always cost you high. If a servo motor generates a fault, ensure its repair as quickly as possible. A fast repair with a guaranteed highly proficient repair by CM Industry Supply Automation offers lasting, high performance motion control solution.

From electronic device production to printing and packaging, servo motors are an important part for manufacturing procedure. Downtime means price through reduced production, the possibility of missed deadlines and hampering reputation. If a servo motor shows any fault, it’s crucial that it’s repaired and recommissioned very quickly as it can hamper your productivity. A servo motor offers exact previsioning at high speed, so it’s important that after repair it also offer the same performance levels as when it was considered new.

When we get servo motor for repair, we first make its diagnosis. After finding the fault, our technician does the repaired and try to return within 24 hours. Our technician frequently communicates with the customers so that they can know about each step.

CM Industry Supply Automation offers a 24/7 servo motor repair service in India and Australia. Our workshop is completely equipped and configured to any brand or type of servo motor repair required.