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Posted on 12th Jan 2023

Regenerative drives prove energy saver by rotating braking energy into electricity

ABB’s regenerative variable speed drives (VSDs) capture braking energy from electric motors and give it back to the network as fresh electricity which is harmonics free.

The kinetic energy of electric car is converted to electricity and change to the batteries of car for extending the driving distance when it brakes. This same phenomenon, called regenerative braking, can be functional to electric motors which are utilized in various industrial applications where frequent braking is essential. A regenerative Variable frequency drive or variable speed drives captures wasted energy and give it back to the network for utilizing by the other devices. It offers a considerable improvement in energy efficacy.

Regenerative drive ACS880 by ABB that you can check out at CM Industry Supply Automation whose power ranges from 4 kilowatt (kW) to 3200 kW for elevators and escalators across various industries and high power applications like artificial oil lifting, cranes, and downhill conveyors in mining sites. The drives can offer high savings in energy consumption as compared to Variable frequency drive without brake resistors.

With the conventional resistor and mechanical braking way, the energy has to be intemperate as heat and extra cooling is generally essential in the electrical room. The braking energy is not wasted as heat when regenerative braking is utilized. The external braking part elimination also means that regenerative drive by ABB provide a single, compacted solution, which minimize the essential installation footprint and cut down engineering and devices costs. This can offer significant savings in costs of cabinet building.

More benefit of the ACS880 regenerative drive is that it can increase the motor voltage in unbalanced network conditions and ensure complete reliability of working even in case when the supply voltage goes below its normal value. If the motor continuously receiving full rated voltage, it results in a lower motor current that directly equates to lesser losses in the motor.

The wall rising units ACS880-11, the integral modules ACS880-14 and the cabinet units ACS880-17 are supplied as a solid package. All the essential parts are integrated in one ready-to-connect housing.  You can check out its example at CM Industry Supply Automation. This ease and pace up cabinet installation on wall-mounted units and the integral modules and cut-down the wiring of many modular parts.

As the variable frequency drive has quick access to important process information like motor speed and torque it can perform as a real process control sensor. This data is helpful for diagnosing, remote monitoring and process optimization through the capability of ABB providing digital solutions ranges from device to edge to cloud.            

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