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Posted on 10th Jul 2023

Overview of Lenze Washdown AC Drive

Overview of Lenze Washdown AC Drive

According to CM Industry Supply Automation, the Lenze SMV Inverter Drive is an all-inclusive solution for all motor applications, enabling the user to precisely auto-tune and achieve both low-speed operation and a quick, dynamic torque response in a physically small design. The range is especially made for motor-related applications like conveyors, food processing lines, pump systems, etc. where accurate speed and torque control is essential for proper operation.

The AC Drive Market has grown to be quite competitive, with manufacturers vying for market share. The extended technical support and two-year guarantee help the SMV stand out from the competition in addition to its key features and attributes, making it a valuable option.

Regarding the drive's cutting-edge qualities, it is important to note that because it was created to serve a variety of purposes, there is a wide range of potential market applications. The SMV features four different operating modes, including V/Hz, improved V/Hz, Vector Speed Control with a 60:1 speed range, and Vector Torque Control. In addition to offering sophisticated auto-tuning and dynamic torque response, the drive has a sequencer with 16 programmable stages.

According to CM Industry Supply Automation – VFD & Servo Drive Supplier and Repair Service provider, the drive's adaptability can be seen in the wide range of supported voltages, which enable it to operate without any issues with 1phase/3phase connections on 120V/240V. The packaging is NEMA type 1 industrial quality, made to withstand the harsh industrial environment and maintain productivity.

EPM is a single word that captures the essence of the AC Drive's simplicity. Lenze's solution to scheduled updates, whether the target is a single drive or a hundred, is the Electronic Memory Module, or EPM. If a factory or assembly line has EMP compliant drives, upgrading or replacing any drive won't require a lot of reprogramming or configuration. The pre-programmed EPM may be simply plugged in to complete the task in a matter of seconds.

The following are some noteworthy drive specifications:

    Two separate acceleration ramps

    Improved starting thanks to a fixed acceleration boost, 500 Hz output frequency

    flux braking and DC injection

    complete control with a floating point sequencer, keypad, etc.

    PID process control modes

    monitoring all essential electric parameters in real-time

    Low and high DC bus safety

Beginning torque

The Washdown AC Drive provides outstanding starting torque to outperform all rotary-demanding applications. For instance, the SMV drive accelerates to 50Hz in just 8 seconds after starting at 195% torque load and delivering the full impact.

Accelerated quickly

The performance of the motor is increased using a complex motor control algorithm, enabling it to achieve

Accelerate in under 33 seconds from 0 to 100% speed! This is a very desirable quality that, by reducing the starting time, could lower production costs.

Adaptive Speed Control

The "shocking" character of industrial loads is well established. They occasionally request a torque that cannot be generated at the desired response. SMV AC drives, on the other hand, effectively handle shock loads and recover from a 100% shock in just 15 seconds.


According to CM Industry Supply Automation – VFD & Servo Drive Supplier and Repair Service provider,  All digital items that aspire to increase productivity now must meet a strict standard for connectivity. Another company that has hopped on board is Washdown AC Drives, which offers remote monitoring and control via easy setup interfaces. The drive can interact via the majority of current protocols, including DeviceNet, ProfiBus, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, etc. This means that the Lenze drive can give reliable control through distant channels and are simple to integrate into dispersed control systems.