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Posted on 1st Sep 2023

Lenze's i550 Protec line - New durable Lenze Drive is Here

Lenze Drive

CM Industry Supply Automation share this durable compact drive which is constructed similarly to their well-liked i500 series but has a stronger protection rating.

The IP66 protection class and NEMA 4X outside classifications of the i550's design enable it to withstand harsh operating conditions while maintaining a simple installation process in small spaces.

What makes the i550 Protec unique?

Simple and Straightforward System Integration

Lenze Drive has made integration incredibly simple by using the same user manual as their i500 series and including practical alternatives such using a keypad, a keypad app, or the EasyStarter PC programme.

Modular, compact design:

The i550 can be used for applications that call for many devices to be mounted side by side or are space-constrained and need for a compact inverter. With a width of 60 mm (up to 4.0 kW) and a depth of just 130 mm (up to 11 kW), the space-saving design of these drives makes incorporating them into any application possibilities you may have simple.


Lenze has one of the most complete solution portfolios for the design and building of mechanical apparatuses. The Lenze product lineup includes the ideal solution that is optimised for the application need, regardless of the power, mains voltages, communication interfaces, or diagnostics choices.

IO-Link's initial decentralised inverter:

The i550 is a market pioneer and the first inverter to ever incorporate IO-Link as a standard option. As a result, it is possible to regulate and parameterize field sensors and actuators in an efficient manner while simultaneously having access to a vast array of extra process data.

Usual Applications:
Textile machines
Materials handling technology
Packaging technology
Forming technology
Commercial HVAC (pumps, fans, and compressors)
Construction machines
Access control

Check out CM Industry Supply Automation selection of i550 drives and order your very own today!