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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Lenze offers the best technology for positioning applications

Positioning applications are often fulfilled by servo technology, but Lenze suggests that many such works can now be executed more cost-effectively, and with satisfactory performance, using the newest generation of Lenze drive or inverter drives.

Positioning is general in a wide range of machines - for instance, rotary tables, lifting, gates, conveyors, and doors. Such applications have conventionally been completed by servo drives but nowadays there are cost-effective alternatives. Particularly inverter technology is now used to attain the optimal balance between performance and saving - with Lenze referring to this procedure as Rightsizing.

The Lenze 8400 inverter drive models StateLine, HighLine, and TopLine have created new opportunities for positioning applications that need different complexity from simple to high-speed, and high-precision positioning. It offers cost savings for several machine builders.

Only where accurate top-end performance is required with the main dynamics it is essential to choose a servo drive. The 8400 StateLine is capable to handle simple positioning wherein movement takes place to a limit switch, without feedback or with feedback. 20 cycles per minute frequency can be achieved. Usual accuracies of +/-10degrees are possible without feedback.

CM Industry Supply Automation is the leading supplier of Lenze Equipment.

As an international authority in industrial automation, Lenze provides drive solutions and inclusive systems from a distinct source. As a Lenze supplier and Lenze repair service provider, we have excessive stock of Lenze products including Lenze drive, Lenze motor, Lenze gearboxes, G-Series gearboxes, and inverters. Therefore we can deliver any Lenze product on the same day at your location.

With a committed approach, we work with industrial giants to offer the best possible solution no matter whether you are looking to repair an old machine or want a new one. We can help with almost any procedure in any industry. We can even arrange for a site visit with our professionals along with a company representative if required. Our motto is to help get the right solution for your business.

Our Lenze solutions are backed by an inclusive warranty and we offer 24/7 Lenze drive Repair at all parts of India.