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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Lenze Gearbox Transform Motor Speed into Torque sharply and perfectly

Lenze is a well-known company for motion control, electrical and mechanical drives, and automation technology. The company's g500 gearbox range transforms motor speed into torque cleverly and perfectly.

The precisely tiered series of g500 gearboxes, designed for mechatronic integration with the Lenze Smart Motor, enable efficiency of more than 94 percent across the whole transmission range.

According to CM Industry Supply Automation experts “Cleverness is all about rethinking accessible answers to suit how they are utilized in real applications, and make them alive in a way that provides maximum help to mechanical engineers and plant workers". 

“With frequency inverters, the MF motor allows for speed control. The g500 gearbox and Smart Motor work together and help operators the ability to establish fixed speeds in applications at their leisure.”

The Lenze gearbox g500 reduces losses, thus the motor can produce less energy, which advances the bottom-line efficiency of the whole system. The produced heat lower level raises the complete service life.

With the Lenze Smart Motor, the g500 gearboxes are made for complete integration. Only, competent motor for numerous applications, the Smart Motor provides several integrated tasks for materials handling applications that include higher beginning torque and generously adjustable speeds that lie between 500 rpm and 2,600 rpm range. It reduces the essential drive versions by up to 70 percent. This effective compact Smart Motor matches the top necessities in energy efficiency and can be easily operated utilizing an NFC-capable smartphone.

The Lenze g500 gearboxes offer a great dimension to this broad speed range by facilitating a wide range of feasible speeds and torques to be sheltered with a simple single type of gearbox motor.