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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Lenze Drive SMVector IP31 Range offer Simple Application

Lenze has cut down the price and difficulty from vector-based motor control by launching SMVector IP31 Range of Inverter Drives. This inverter Lenze drive range offers quick dynamic torque reaction, complicated auto-tuning, and a remarkable low-speed process from a compact, minimum price, and comprehensible package. The Lenze Drive SMVector IP31 range is made for use in little motor applications where active speed and torque control are necessary. For instance, packaging lines, conveyors, HVAC systems, food production, and packaging lines.

Expansion of the SMVector range has been driven by client demand and response from the global sales force. The recognition of small user-friendly drives in broad use applications to boost accuracy and cut down energy usage has inspired the requirement for a new, compact AC drive providing vector control while still permitting important cost cut down in OEM applications as well as retrofit applications.

Lenze predicts the SMVector range to enlarge the marketplace for small drives by offering sensorless vector control. Sensorless vector control is very easy to commission and function. User-friendly facia keypad and an option of onboard parameter sets make sure that the fundamental control and set-up process can be finished in seconds.

The SMVector range same features as other AC drive and Position Servo products present in the Lenze drive family. That feature is a programmable EPM chip. Fundamentally, a memory chip build-up in its own rugged plastic enclosed space, the EPM plugs straight into the facia of the drive. The removable chip permits OEM producers to copy across the whole functioning set quickly and charge the drive without turning it on.

In a Lenze product support and repair condition, a replacement EPM chip can be utilized to make the machine work again without needing the support of an engineer. Even there is no need to have skilled programming time to re-commission a single drive.

Even the drives are tough; easily recover from a complete shock load in just 0.15 seconds.

You can get the SMVector drives from CM Industry Supply Automation at the most reasonable price range. They are available in the 0.25kW to 22kW power range for single-phase and up to three-phase supplies. The normal operating method includes normal and improved V/Hz process, vector torque control, and vector speed control.

Motor calibration is done with an auto-tune function. To integrate the SMVector into a broad machine or plant control network, there are various communication options present such as Ethernet/IP DeviceNet, Profibus, RS-485, CANopen, and LECOM.