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Posted on 21st Jul 2023

Lenze c550 controller by CM Industry Supply Automation

Lenze c550 controller

The demands on control units in automation systems are increasing as a result of increasing machine requirements and fresh issues in the area of digital services. Now, the perfect response is provided by our latest generation of cabinet controllers.

With the help of this new product line, you can easily address high-end control applications like printing machines with numerous printing units or picker lines with numerous robots. Thus, based on the FAST software components, contemporary and modular machine controls can be created.

High-end control applications, such as printing machines with numerous printing units or picker lines with numerous robots, can be easily resolved with the Lenze C550 controller. Therefore, based on our software modules, contemporary and modular machine controls can be created.

High-performance computation for difficult motion control in complicated machines

more durable and upkeep-free: The design without batteries and the increased ambient working temperature of 60 °C ensure its usage in all industrial sectors.

You can continue to use the tools you are accustomed to because the engineering tools are the same as for all other Lenze products.

Easy to use, automated standard setup, automated data backup by USB flash drive, Lenze Drive pluggable memory card for easy device replacement, and battery-free construction that makes maintenance easy.

03.2019 Lenze Drives GmbH Postfach 10 13 52 D-31763 Hamelin At a glance: Version 2.0 en c520 and c550

Informational data 13568426

C520 and C550 controllers

CPU innovation Apollo Lake, ATOM Core i7 1.6 GHz, 2.8 GHz Interfaces 1x 1000 Mbit/s EtherNet/IP

2 USB and 1 EtherCAT Master

alternative interface PROFINET gadget

Linux RT operating system

Save data in 1,024 kB.

60 °C, the operating temperature

Passive Cooling regulated fan

Simple to use automated standard setup and USB flash drive data backup Pluggable memory cards make device replacement simple maintenance-friendly due to the absence of batteries

processing power for complex tasks

• We offer the most powerful Intel® CoreTM-i industrial-grade CPU that is currently offered for incredibly small designs.

Connectivity allows for straightforward machine integration standard protocols and standardised interfaces

Fieldbus extension is optional.

EASY UI Designer and the v450 web panel are prepared for cutting-edge web-based machine visualisations.

Technical data and features


Intel® Core™ i7 2.8 GHz

Operating system           

RT Linux


EtherCAT master

EtherCAT slave


Ethernet 1000 Mbps


c520 controller, c550 controller

Operating instructions

c550 controller

Conformity, Approval

CE (European Union)

UKCA (United Kingdom)


General information

SISTEMA library

ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 9001 certificate

REACH declaration

WEEE declaration


I/O system 1000 as local I/Os; Permanent wiring due to electronic and base module separation; Convenient connection due to printed circuit diagram; Fully integrated shield connection without the need for special shield connectors

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