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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Lenze Ac Tech is the Motion Control Technology Leader

Lenze Ac Tech is a renowned name in the field of motion control technology. Lenze has been manufacturing high-quality, reliable products since 1947. Lenze's team of professionals includes highly qualified engineers and innovators, who work diligently to bring the supreme mechanical drive technology solutions to market. This German business has worked to spread out its product line with new products over its long and thriving existence. The Simplabelt gearboxes, launched in 1951, were an amazing hit worldwide. It establishes a great reputation of Lenze in the marketplace. After that, the company has launched many new innovative products and modern solutions for home and industrial supplies.

The first frequency inverter was built in the 1970s, and Lenze Ac Tech continued its thriving journey to become a big brand name in the field of motion control technology. Soon, the company made frequency inverters that included microprocessors. In contrast, the introduction of the intelligent driving system was the biggest success too.

In 2004, Lenze added the radical L-force to its production line to offer an uninterrupted platform for drive and automation technology. The AC Technology firm, a well-known drive technology production, was later added to the Lenze group. With nearly more than seventy years of expertise, Lenze now becomes a market leader in drive and automation technologies. For electronic variable speed drives (VSD) and absolute automated systems, the Lenze professionals are dedicated to developing cost-effective and high-quality products, solutions, and systems for all types of customers and clients.

Electric motors, frequency inverters, industrial PCs, and engineered software are all accessible through Lenze Ac Tech distributors CM Industry Supply Automation in India and Australia. Since its launch, the L-force product line has developed considerably. Each product falls into three categories as Base, State, and High.

Lenze Ac Tech offers high-quality, long-lasting products, and users can rapidly find what they need by picking the product that best matches their needs. Lenze keeps up with modern technological advancement to create and manufacture composite and contemporary goods and solutions for various industries.

The Lenze Servo Motor is one of their most admired products. It replaces various motors with the latest smart technologies. A cutting-edge technology drastically decreases the number of distinct drive models. It has a high-energy efficiency rating, a moderate start mode, a motor protector, and an electronic contactor. In addition, the Lenze Servo Drive is also available in the market with several handy features. The best part is you can control Lenze Products with your smartphone via a special Lenze app.

IIoT functionalities are developed into a smart servo axis for motion control.

OEMs and machine operators take advantage of a new motion control paradigm that minimizes difficulty and delivers new, intelligent IIoT possibilities.

Smart servo axis by Lenze is a powerhouse with great scalability. High-precision positioning duties, dynamic handling, and assembly applications, robotics, and conveyor solutions are all covered by the combination of the i950 inverter, g700 planetary gearbox, and m850 synchronous motor. At the same time, the i950 presents itself as an inclusive data source for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and service models based on it, as the smart inverter eradicates the requirement for additional sensors.

Lenze Product News

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