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Posted on 27th Dec 2023

Learn KEB F5 Startup Process

KEB F5 Drive

CM Industry Supply Automation - Lenze Drive & Keb Drive Supplier share a general guide for starting up a VFD system:

Read the Manual:

Familiarize yourself with the KEB F5 Drive manual provided by the manufacturer. This document will contain specific instructions for installation, wiring, and startup.

Check Power Supply:

Ensure that the power supply to the VFD is within the specified voltage and frequency ranges. Verify the connections and ensure they are correct.

Motor Connection:

Connect the motor to the output terminals of the VFD according to the wiring diagram in the manual. Make sure the motor is compatible with the VFD.

Control Wiring:

Connect control devices such as a keypad, remote control, or PLC to the VFD. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper wiring.

Parameter Setup:

Use the keypad or programming software to configure the necessary parameters in the VFD. This may include motor data, acceleration/deceleration times, and other application-specific settings.

Emergency Stop Circuit:

Verify the emergency stop circuit. Ensure that the emergency stop button is connected and functional.

Initial Power-Up:

Power up the VFD and check for any error codes or warnings. If there are issues, consult the manual for troubleshooting guidance.

Run in Local Mode:

Test the system in local mode using the keypad or control panel. Ensure that the motor responds appropriately to speed and direction commands.

Remote Control (if applicable):

If your system includes remote control via a PLC or other external device, test the system in remote mode.

Performance Testing:

Conduct performance tests to ensure the VFD is operating within specified parameters. This may involve running the motor at different speeds and loads.

Always follow safety procedures outlined in the manual, and if you are unsure about any aspect of the startup process, consult with CM Industry Supply Automation - Lenze & Keb Drive supplier for assistance. Additionally, since technology and procedures may evolve, be sure to check for the latest documentation or updates from KEB for your specific model.