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Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

Launch of innovative cordless electric power tools to provide ease in use

Market players are focused on providing electric power tools, electric motors, servo drive, servo motor, VFD with advanced capabilities. In addition, these tools are developed based on providing ease in use and comfort to users. The ergonomic design stands out for new cordless tools such as drills, drivers, and screwdrivers. In addition, the motor capacity is another major factor that has been increased. With the launch of cordless tools, manufacturers made sure they last longer and offer more power as compared to previous versions of the devices. They also launched new tools that have reduced weight as compared to other devices in the market and lower down fatigue of users. The demand for innovative electric power tools is estimated to increase in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global electric power tools market is expected to reach $49.24billion by 2030. Following are some of the trends taking place across the world.

Market players are launching technologically advanced and innovative electric power tools to offer comfort and precision to users. Mac Tools launched its 4V Cordless Screwdriver. It is an easy to use, compact, rechargeable, and lightweight screwdriver. It can reach the speed up to 300 RPM. Moreover, the low-torque motor has an ability to create eight inch-pounds of torque. The company produced the screwdriver for operating with delicate materials such as molded plastic.

The ergonomics of the design stands out from the rest of the screwdrivers present in the market. The company made it slimmer than other products available in the market. The smooth design at handle makes it easy to use. The IP54 rating of the device is another feature. Along with providing dust and water resistance, it provides resistance against some of the solvents. It comes with quick-change collet to let users exchange hex bits rapidly. The magnet is helpful in securing the holds. The battery can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in 70 minutes only. The launch of such innovative products is expected to provide comfort in use and give rise to more innovations in the coming years. 

The launch of innovative devices continues with the launch of cordless drill & driver. Worx Nitro launched 20V Brushless Switchdriver 2.0. This is a next generation switchdriver with all the features of original switchdrivers and some of the upgrades including smart digital display, HMI, and brushless motor. This motor can run 50% longer than its previous version. Moreover, it is 25% more powerful. The dual chuck incorporated in the device helps in switching between drivers and drills rapidly. The design is ergonomic and lightweight. Another striking feature is the micro-texture of Gripzone, which is expected to provide the comfort and reduce fatigue of the user. The intelligent digital interface enables the quick-shift nine-torque settings and the two-speed gearbox is able to carry out basic and advanced drilling tasks. With an aim to provide high performance, increased runtime, and improved power, new devices are hitting the shelves in the market. The launch of such devices is expected to continue in the coming years.