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Posted on 19th Jul 2023

KEB COMBIVERT F6 VFD Available at CM Industry Supply Automation

KEB Combivert

The 450kW Combivert F6 VFD avaiable at CM Industry Supply Automation from KEB features the most recent drive technology. The main emphasis is on flexibility and performance, and the units come with a variety of communication, functional safety, heatsink, and control card options.

Up to 450 kW of the F6 KEB Drive are available in graduated capacities. Switching frequencies up to 16kHz are available in both 230V and 480V classes.

Depending on the needs of the application, a variety of control card solutions are available. The SM3 supports sophisticated Functional Safety modes, such as Failsafe over EtherCAT (FSoE), and all drives include dual-channel STO inputs.

The communication protocols EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP/IP, ProfiNet, and Powerlink are all supported by the F6. Induction, AC PM Servo, Linear, Torque, and Synchronous Reluctance motors are just a few of the many motor types that the F6 can control. Software can be used to select communication and motor modes.

The F6 also accommodates a wide range of cooling options. Although push through and liquid-cooled heatsinks are also available, forced air (fan) cooling is the industry standard.


• Maximum power: 400 kW
• Overload (30 seconds): Varies per unit; Input Voltage Class: 230, 480Vac. Typically, 150%
• Unit-specific, rated switching frequency ranges from 2 to 16 kHz.
• 16 kHz with derate as the highest switching frequency


• Liquid-cooled, push-through, flat-back, fan, and other cooling options

Interfaces for Communication:
EtherCAT, VARAN, and CAN on a compact control card
EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, ProfiNet, Powerlink, VARAN, and CAN are examples of application control cards.


Dual-channel encoders can support TTL, HTL, Resolver, BiSS, EnDat 2.1, Hiperface, and SSI. Encoder Interfaces (Compact/Application card).

Software can be configured to choose the second channel as an incremental output.


• cULus
• CE


• Induction, PM Servo, Linear, Torque, and High Speed Motor Types
• Control Types: Velocity, Position, Torque, Homing, SMM, field-oriented with encoder, ASCL, and SCL; • Motor Control: V/Hz, SMM,
Internal Positioning: A 32-bit register is available.


Protection Classification: IP20;
Rated Altitude: 1000m; Potential Derate