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Posted on 17th Oct 2023


KEB F5 Drive

The KEB COMBIVERT F5 is the industry-standard drive controller for controlled and regulated operations involving power grades up to 900 kW in demanding mechanical and plant engineering tasks. The COMBIVERT F5 keb drive frequency inverter assumes control whether you're using an asynchronous three-phase motor or synchronous servo drive.

With or without encoder feedback, the modular software satisfies the highest standards for speed, torque, and breakaway torque. When performing practical labor during installation, startup, and servicing activities, uniform operation, identical handling, and the same instruments are fantastic tiny help.


  •     Suitable for a variety of applications
  •     Functional continuity throughout the whole power spectrum
  •     several installation styles and cooling options
  •     Numerous motor, encoder, and communication possibilities
Technical data
Device variant 1-phase 230 V 3-phase 400 V
Power range 0.37 kW … 2.2 kW 0.37 kW … 90 kW
Rated currents 2.3 A … 10 A 2.3 A … 360 A
Peak currents (60 s) … 1.8 x In … 1.8 x In
Device variant 3-phase 400 V 3-phase 690 V
Power range 0.37 kW … 800 kW 200 kW … 900 kW
Rated currents 1.3 A … 1,450 A 225 A … 1,015 A
Peak currents (60 s) … 1.8 x In … 1.5 x In
Control Analogue/digital or bus communication  
Bus communication CANopen, PROFIBUS, Interbus, DeviceNet, Modbus/TCP, EtherNet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP  
Parameterisation interfaces Diagnose RS485/232  
Display OptionalOptional  
Functional Safety STO  

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U/f functionality
Controlled operation without encoder asynchronous/synchronous machine
Controlled operation with encoder Asynchronous/synchronous machine
Brake handling
DC braking
Customer parameter group
Eight parameter sets, switchable
PID controller
Power-off function
and much more.