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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Industrial Motor Drives breakdown - Repair or replace

Motor drives are the spine of a new global industry. They are often hidden but play a vital role in industries and our way to live a more sustainable life. Nowadays, the most frequent usage of drives is for the controlling of fans, pumps, and compressors. About 75% of all drives work globally on these applications.

Sourav (CEO of CM Industry Supply Automation) says Motor drives are also referred to as AC drives, VFD (variable frequency drives), adjustable speed drives, VSD (variable speed drives), and adjustable frequency drives, inverters, frequency converters, and power converters. By changing the voltage and the frequency of the power supply to an electrical motor, drives are able to control their speed and improve process control, cut down energy usage and make energy-efficient. In addition, industrial drives optimize the working of various applications that relies on electric motors.

Drives have the capability to control ramp-up and ramp-down of a motor while set up or discontinuing respectively. This reduces automatic stress on motor control applications and enhances ride quality in, such as elevators.

Motor drives are also useful for converting energy from natural and renewable resources such as the wind, sun, and tides, and spreading it to the electrical network or utilizing it for limited consumption. Industrial motor drives are also utilized to merge conventional energy sources and energy storage for creating total energy management solutions, in hybrid technologies.  

Drives are a vital part of various industrial processes. They provide good energy efficiency, enhance productivity, and great performance for electric motors in various applications. However, when an industrial drive breaks down suddenly, it can bring working to a halt and cause many problems.

The best way is to prevent a breakdown before it takes place. During the life cycle of the product, this usually means usual preventive maintenance. However, for an industrial drive at the end of its life cycle, repair or replacement is a good solution to minimize the risk of breakage and accidental production shutdowns. 

How old is your Industrial drive?

When you are thinking about whether to repair or replace the industrial drive, it is crucial to consider the drive's age and what's it phase right now. Lenze drive lifecycle falls into various phases. Since your drive passes on through each phase, parts become complex or not easy to obtain. Moreover, the advancement in drive technologies results in your application not having the latest features and functionality.

Do you want to know where your drives are within their lifecycle? CM Industry Supply Automation has access to the complete drive database of many brands such as Lenze, KEB, Siemens, Rexroth, Elau, ABB, Allen-Bradley, and more.

All you have to do is share the serial numbers of your drive population with us, so we will register them and tell you precisely where they are within their lifecycle.

How significant is your application?

Downtime of a significant application will cost you thousands of bucks in lost production and we know how crucial it is for you to get back up and operate as quickly as possible. The replacement may seem to be the easiest option, but it is always costly. VFD repair and Lenze Drive repair can save you lots of money. 

Frequent Maintenance Prevent Frequent Breakdowns!

CM Industry Supply Automation recommends performance regular maintenance on industrial drives to prevent frequent breakdowns and keep them operating efficiently. Ask us about the Servo Drive Repair option that we have designed for your critical applications.