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Posted on 4th Oct 2023

How VFDs Enhance Car Washing

Lenze Drive

Have you ever thought about the potential role a VFD may have played in your neighborhood car wash? You probably haven't, and you might be shocked by how much of a role they play in car cleaning. Read this CM Industry Supply Automation - Servo Drive and Servo Motor Expert article you will know about the importance of Lenze VFD

Using less energy

By altering the motor speed, VFDs (variable frequency drives) can lower the energy usage of the car wash equipment.

The motor uses less energy when it operates at a slower pace. The car wash will save money on operational expenses and lessen their environmental impact as a result. Win-win!

Keeps it operational

By shielding the machinery from high current, voltage, or torque spikes that may happen during startup or operation, VFDs keep your neighborhood car wash operating.

By regulating the voltage and current provided to the motor, VFDs can protect the equipment from these hazardous electrical circumstances.

Creating A Great Car Wash

You wouldn't want your vehicle wash to be slow, would you?

The vehicle wash may work at the fastest pace possible for every duty it is carrying out thanks to VFDs. During the pre-wash, you might require a slower pace, but a faster speed for the final rinse.

A Noisy Car Wash: Who Wants It?

Again, VFDs come to the rescue. By lowering the motor's speed, they can lower the noise level of the car wash equipment.

What Precise Purposes Do They Serve in a Car Wash?

Operators can manage the pace and movement of the conveyor belt your car is on, as well as the flow rate and pressure of the water or cleaning solutions, thanks to VFDs.

In accordance with the size or shape of your car, they also control the speed of the air blowers and dryers and modify the brush or roller speed.

The bottom line is that CM Industry Supply Automation have a wide selection of Lenze Drive, Keb Drive, Siemens Drive that can give your car wash operators accurate motor control, energy savings, soft start/stop capabilities, and advanced monitoring tools.

Drives can help your car wash run more efficiently, lengthen the life of your equipment, enhance client satisfaction, and use less energy.