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Posted on 16th Nov 2023

How to store lithium-ion batteries safely?

Lithium-ion batteries are among the lightest batteries, which is why they are widely used in electronic equipment, including laptops, phones, and drones.

Solar Drive

According to CM Industry Supply Automation - Servo Drive & Servo Motor Expert, Lithium-ion cells are already starting to be used in electric vehicles, as well as stationary or portable energy storage for renewable energy sources. Even though these types of batteries have been in everyday use for years, not everyone knows how to care for them and how to extend their life.

Threats generated by lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion cells are pretty unstable structures. For this reason, some time ago, one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics industry had to withdraw from selling several million laptop batteries with a tendency to overheat quickly.

To prevent dangerous accidents, experts recommend storing lithium-ion batteries in cool places but not exposing them to negative temperatures simultaneously.

Why is this important?

Because keeping batteries, e.g., near a radiator or in a hot car, shortens their life. Remember, however, that more important than the issue of appropriate storage conditions is the fact that charging such batteries at the wrong temperature, i.e., below 5°C or above 30°C, may not only damage the cells and void the warranty but even cause fire or explosion.

Obligations of producers and users

The absolute risk of battery explosion, ignition, or leakage, and consequently electrolyte leakage, forces manufacturers to produce battery cells with safety systems.

They are intended to protect against excessive discharging and charging. When the first generations of devices equipped with lithium-ion batteries were just entering the market, many companies had significant problems with them. Therefore, explosions occurred, for example, in notebooks of one of the famous laptop and computer manufacturers.

It is the user's responsibility to store devices containing lithium-ion batteries and the batteries themselves in appropriate conditions. All the more so because batteries are exposed to uncontrolled release of accumulated energy both during improper storage, charging, and use.

Solutions for industry

Where lithium-ion batteries are used on a large scale, for example, in industrial plants, it is worth taking steps to protect employees, the workplace, and the environment against fire, chemical reactions, and even more so against explosion. It is with them in mind that advanced lithium-ion battery cabinets and other solutions that enable safe charging and storage of batteries were created.

Since the cause of fire or explosion may be overheating during charging, deep discharge, use of the wrong charger, mechanical damage, or high ambient temperature, proper storage of batteries is crucial. 

Fire-resistant safe cabinets, containers, or even specially designed fire-resistant rooms are best suited for this purpose. Also noteworthy is a portable fireproof cover for universal use, which protects production areas or warehouses against the effects of fire. Its design allows it to be placed directly on pallets with batteries.

Characteristics of fire-resistant cabinets for lithium batteries

The most popular among the solutions mentioned above are fire-resistant cabinets. An extensive range of available models allows you to match the appropriate product to your needs. Manufacturers' offers include single- and double-leaf cabinets with double-sided fire resistance, equipped with solutions such as:

1. Self-closing doors in the event of a fire,

2. Protection against unauthorized access,

3. Smoke detectors,

4. Ventilation,

5. Grounding that hermeticism of the cabinet in the event of a fire,

6. Built-in fireproof partition for the charging cables.

Certified lithium battery cabinets ensure complete safety and, at the same time, look very aesthetic. They are easy to install and come in a wide range of colors.

According to CM Industry Supply Automation - Keb F5 Drive supplier, Lithium battery storage cabinets have been designed to consider all aspects of their hazard potential. The warning systems allow you to take appropriate steps at the first signs of fire, such as an increase in temperature or smoke. It is possible to integrate the cabinets with the general building management system.