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Posted on 22nd Dec 2022

How to Choose the Right VFD by CM Industry Supply Automation

There are various types of variable frequency drives (VFDs) available in the market. Each one is designed for a unique application. This article by CM Industry Supply Automation will review the main factors that will help you make an informed decision.

There are various factors you have to consider while choosing a variable frequency drive for any type of drive system. These factors include:

1. The incoming power supply

The drive system incoming power supply is the biggest definer of volume in your system. VFDs should be chosen based on their compatibility with the power supply. According to voltage and frequency, recent capacity, and available KVA, you need to make the right selection.

2. The type of motor

Usually, several induction motors can advantage of having a Variable Frequency Drive including higher efficiency. Permanent magnet synchronous motors are not usually self-starting and require a Variable Frequency Drive for working. Some VFDs are available with permanent magnet motor control choices as a usual feature, permitting users for controlling the permanent magnet motor to drive the machine proficiently.

3. The rated current, frequency, and voltage of the motor

The rated current, frequency, and voltage of the motor are crucial factors to make a choice. A VFD must not be chosen based on the motor power rating alone. It is highly crucial to find the VFD that can offer the motor’s rated nameplate current uninterruptedly.

4. The application type

Many Variable Frequency Drives are only made to be utilized on normal duty or light duty loads such as pumps or centrifugal fans and will only stand lighter overloads for a short time frame. Some Variable Frequency Drives Are Dual Rated and can be utilized on HD or ND/LD loads both.

5. The installation setting

Choose the right IP rating for the Variable Frequency Drive identified by if it will be installed in inclusion or straight onto a wall, machine leg, or pump skid.

Understand condensation that takes place if the Variable Frequency Drives are exposed to high-temperature changes for instance daytime sun to night-time frost.

6. Harmonics

When connecting Variable Frequency Drive or other non-linear loads you must consider the effect on the power supply. Non-linear loads including diode rectifier input designed to ‘bite’ current from the chunks mains and at particular multiples of the base supply frequency instead of sinusoidal as with linear loads which in turn results in misrepresentation to the supply voltage waveform.

Harmonic currents can put an adversarial effect on transformers, cables, and delicate electronic devices, so certain harmonic limits are applied before linking VFD loads onto a new or current network.

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