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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

How important are Electric Motors

Electric motors also called industrial motors are an essential part of our daily life. Many appliances such as computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric toothbrushes, fans, power tools, razors etc. we use in our daily life consist of electric motors. All such equipment are driven by electric motors that bind the power of magnets and convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to perform the operation.

Not only electric motors are an essential part of our everyday lives, but they play a major role in industrial processes too. Manufacturing units produces many different products and approximately every product at some point needed an electric motor to be completed. There are more than 800 million electric motors recently being used around the globe and they all have a major impact on the power supply.

The great feature about this technology is that it is continuously changing and developing making new ways for new applications. New advanced Lenze AC Motors now replaced conventional industrial motors in order to provide great efficiency, accuracy, and performance. The new and smooth microprocessor or DSP controllers offer better precision as they easily monitor and regulate entire industrial motors output. The advancement in converter topologies and electric motors will also offer more efficiency. There are various models and makes of electric motors; the more superior industrial motors available these days can also enhance performance. Advanced electric motors have a better switching scheme that will offer more output power and will use more solid electronics and lighter motors.

Conventional systems used for controlling the electric motors were quite expensive and generally being inefficient and offer poor performance, but this has all changed with the new technological advancement. Over the years, there has been a great change in industrial automation products technology. There is now a great demand for better systems offering better performance and precision. Even the requirement and innovation for superior solid-state electronics and low-cost microprocessors rise more than double. All these factors lead to the formation of the ASD or generally called an adjustable speed drive that can easily control the industrial motor and the system controlling the motor. Five different parts you can view in an adjustable speed drive such as the power supply, the mechanical load, the electric motor, the controller, and the power electronic converter.

The power supply offers electric energy for the system at any voltage level either in AC or in DC. The interface lies between the motor and the power supply is called an electronic converter. This interface permits all types of power supply to be used with every type of industrial motor. The controller controls the motor output by adjusting the current, voltage or frequency.  The type of controllers varies from model to model. Some controllers can have a simple design, while some having complex with a microprocessor.

An electric motor can be an AC induction motor or DC motor. It generally varies according to the make and model. Anything that needs the energy to move in a cycling movement will require energy; this is called the mechanical load. It could be anything from fan blades to rollers in a conveyor belt.