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Posted on 31st Jan 2023

How Can You Manage the Energy Crisis by Using Variable Frequency Drives

The energy crisis is distressing many companies by impacting the everyday price of a wide range of production and working procedures.

This article by CM Industry Supply Automation will highlight the energy-saving and efficiency benefits of variable frequency drives (VSD) – manufactured by world-leading innovators such as Lenze Drive, Siemens Drive, KEB Drive, Yaskawa Drive, Danfoss Drive - to explore some of the advantages of making the switch.

What Is Variable Frequency Drive?

The purpose of a Variable frequency drive is to manage the energy flow between the mains and the motor in a motorized system. The electrical supply is served through a drive, and this controls the power which is served to the motor. The input power is corrected from AC to DC and served into the DC capacitors, levelling the electrical waveform to offer clean power for the inverter phase, where the DC is changed back to AC to supply the motor. This simple procedure guarantees that systems are demand-led, as per the required pace or torque, cutting down wasted power and offering the opportunity to make high cost savings.

Protecting Devices

For fixed-speed connections, the devices in most condition is forced to work harder than it is needed. Unless a VFD is utilized, one of the key control technique is regulating, a technique long uncontrolled by many industries because of its inefficiencies. To borrow an instance from vehicle engines, regulating a car is similar as applying the brake whilst quickening, and – expectedly this would be highly fuel inefficient, and would raise the possibility of mechanical failures. Unplanned failures can have a major negative impact on companies, so reducing deterioration on the mechanical elements through the use of VSD's, reduce the risk of such occurrences.

By installing a Darwin Motion VFD, companies can progress the toughness and resilience of their pumps, fans, and motors, confirming that the important parts are protected from untimely failure.

Accomplish On Demand

Today, energy wastage is a big news as bills are rising daily. Electric motors are remorseful of around a quarter of worldwide energy consumption, and governments are cracking down by executing waves of new legislation and carbon cutting down targets to reach Net Zero. One of the main concern for this is that conventional non-speed controlled systems have motors operating at complete speed, even when it is not essential. It's like operating a car with the accelerator flat to the floor when it is revolved on: a resources waste, and a needless contributor to CO2 emissions.

Darwin Motion systems give back the control by permitting applications to execute on demand. Power consumption is thus reduced, and Carbon di oxide falls in tandem.

Informal Retrofitting

Modern control technologies can be costly investment, particularly when they comprise a full overhaul of the way a system runs. However, with years of experience of Variable Speed Drives, CM Industry Supply Automation can provide a solution, which is perfect for your application, and manage the complete retrofit of your current starter to a Darwin Motion variable speed drive, with less disruption and around your manufacturing schedules. Many motors, because of their age are now less effectual than more new motors, and CM Industry Supply Automation can also offer you with a more competent motor, adding extra savings, and provide repair services 24/7 at your required location.

What Next?

At CM Industry Supply Automation, we stock a wide range of drives designed by various brands like Lenze, Siemens, KEB, Danfoss, Darwin Motion to save energy, develop processes, and protect devices. For more information, please call today on +91 8956113099 or +61390135882.