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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Get Ready for the Wave of Automation in 2022

The year 2022 is best for automation, particularly in the supply chain, eCommerce, and logistics industries.

Automation created great buzz past year due to the technology and processes advancement. It becomes affordable and convenient to buy and deploy industrial automation products in a wide range of businesses. In addition, the trends of remote work, mixed work, and labor shortages due to pandemics made a great way for an automation solution. Companies are determining the way to make more work automated.

In the future one or two years, we will observe more prevalent adoption of automation in many industries such as Automotive, Chemical, Energy, Material Handling, Metals and Mining, Packaging, Paper, Warehousing, Power, Textile, and logistics. There will be a wave of new applications, which are more flexible, smarter, and capable to do more jobs in less time. This will help companies to address the employee shortage by cutting dull and repetitive works. In addition, it attracts workers with the promise of more independence and superior responsibilities.

The recent growth in eCommerce has built pressure on the logistics industry to match up the requirement in quick time. The pandemic created trend of online shopping, as a result, the volume of products, which must be moved in and out of warehouses and to customers is extraordinary. Therefore, it’s easy to observe why automation has become a high-level necessity at companies.

There is a big need for automation in this space to match up with demand, but automation cannot be slow. To fully sustain the automation requirement in e-commerce logistics, industrial robot pace will be necessary.

Automation will grow rapidly in the manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics industries in the coming years. Take our present supply chain issues and how they have shown a spotlight on the merge of outdated procedures, worker issues, and huge volumes of products to be moved in a short time frame, and the requirement for automation is more acute.

Technological Advancement

The current advancement in technology has made automation procedures more affordable and simpler to manage. This is simply the beginning of a huge wave that will radically cut the cost and effort of automating accessible procedures. The core thing to watch is the advancement in robotic intelligence. Every incremental walk away from robots, which are fundamentally trajectory-replay devices or only podiums moving in 2D on a factory floor, opens great value. Certainly, every step needs real progress on tricky technological questions, but the momentum and the solving approach will easily deal with all problems.

What’s the Future

Automation is gaining popularity but it won’t be everywhere, still, there will be worker shortages and blocked supply chains to deal with. However, due to the market pressures, there will be a great rise in automation technology. Especially, the robots make it count. As a result, there will be innovations, which will automate mundane, repeatable jobs and more. Automation makes the manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain industries look far different in the future than they appear today.