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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Five Common Applications in which AC Drives Works


The Soft Start and Stop function of AC Drives are crucial for the easy ride of elevators. Elevators are generally found in stations, airports, office buildings, and commercial facilities. When elevators are equipped with an AC drive, it can begin moving slowly and users do not sense the speed. In addition, it becomes easy to set acceleration and deceleration that make going up and down comfortable.


You can find escalators in stations, malls, and shopping centers or areas to support handy lifestyles. Human sensors stop the escalators when there are no people around. It saves energy. However, if a user begins to move rapidly the next time they get on, their balance might get lost, and they are injured. The soft start and stop function of AC drives allow users to adjust the acceleration and deceleration that directly helps in starting and stopping slowly and safely.

Air-conditioning fan

 AC drives are used for air conditioning for making spaces comfortable. In AC devices, fans control the volume and airflow, but previously, the airflow had to be controlled by escalating or lessening the air resistance via a valve known as a damper. However, with this method, though the air volume is condensed, the electricity used won’t reduce much. With the use of AC drives, the motor power consumption can be highly decreased as the airflow is controlled by adjusting the motor speed. AC drives save energy by operating machines on necessary airflow.


You can see conveyors in-home appliance factories, cosmetic factories, and food factories. In these factories we can see the shortage of labor force, also the automation is quickly in progress. Conveyors are utilized for controlling the production procedures by flowing products. Recently, the hasty boost in online shopping has led to the creation of new logistics warehouses that directly increases the requirement of conveyors. AC drives are crucial for moving things sideways. Its soft start and stop function support smooth transportation like prevention of load fall. Besides, by cutting down the preliminary current, the power supply load is reduced and the power supply devices can be reduced too.


Industries such as steel, electric power, and chemical plants that usually have water and sewage systems that utilize high amounts of water for cooling or cleaning purposes need AC drive pumps. These pumps are useful to get energy conservation by optimizing machine processes. Conventionally, it was usually for pumps to regulate the flow rate with a valve, but the motor runs at full capacity that directly consuming a huge amount of power. Hence, by use of AC drive motor speed can be easily controlled, the flow rate can be easily regulated and the motor power consumption can be easily reduced.