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Posted on 27th Dec 2022

Effects on lifespan of Variable Frequency Drives

Most VFD manufacturers will admit that the usual lifespan of variable frequency drive is seven to twelve years, but there are lots of factors play the role.

Components of variable frequency drive such as fans and capacitors have a limited life and beginning at about five years, these components can begin failing and require replacement. However, there are many other factors as described by CM Industry Supply Automation – Servo Drive, VFD & Servo Motor explained below.  

The Product

The first thing which comes to our mind is the product, the quality of the complete design and components integration. We have to consider the internal design safety factors and overloads along with the quality and size of the components. If the VFD is designed with a small input stage, output transistors, or bus capacitors, then there will be definite failure take place.

We need to consider hardware and software-based protective features that prevent the drive from catastrophic failure. Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, etc. are some of the protective factors that we can’t avoid. In many situations, the default drive settings not enable these protection parameters.

The Environment

For VFD’s lifespan the environment plays a crucial role. VFD needs ambient temperature to operate long., The drives must not be place in an exposed panel in the middle of the desert without any A/C.  Avoid potential clog in the VFD fans, and thereby improve the drive’s temperature.  

The Application

Is the Variable Frequency Drive sized ideally for the application that include momentary overload. Have the preventive functions been activated and are they programmed perfectly, all these considerations must be essential for long lifespan.

The Variable Frequency Drive must avoid high stressful errors and conditions such as overcurrents and overvoltages. If a Variable Frequency Drive is subjected to various stressful events, then the chances of a component failure increases tremendously. So it is recommended where possible avoid shorting in the electrical system and protecting the control panel from events such as a lightning strike.

There are various industry specific Variable Frequency Drives available on CM Industry Supply Automation. Whether you talk about crane control, winders, extruders, centrifuge and pump controls, all products are available with many options and selection tools such as drivesize, pump save or fansave. Also they ensure effective and trouble free working.

So if you are looking for the recommendation to select a VFD for long lifespan:

  • DON’T consider the VFD on upfront lowest cost
  • Always give preference to the high quality product from a reputable manufacturer such as Lenze Drive, KEB Drive, Siemens Drive, Danfoss Drive, Darwin Motion Drive or more
  • DO consider a partner who systematically understands their own designed and developed product and how to apply the product perfectly in your application or environment.

For more information, contact a CM Industry Supply professionals. Contact us or call, India: +91 8956113099 or Australia: +61 3 9013 5882 to speak to our applications engineers who will offer you best advice to select the right variable frequency drive for all industrial applications.