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Posted on 21st Dec 2022

Digital Transformation in the Hydraulic Pump Industry Will Boost Flexibility of Operations

Hydraulic pumps are essential for hydraulic systems and hydraulic drive. These pumps are often used in high-powered and heavy-duty pieces of equipment in order to perk up the performance of the machines. Hydraulic pumps have a range of applications in various industries and are considered as standard device when it comes to construction machinery, industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, and others. The speed of hydraulic pump is easy to control and maintain, thus providing improved operational control. The demand for hydraulic pumps in the market is expected to increase in the coming years.

Hydraulic pumps reduce the fuel consumption required for the smooth functioning of hydraulic components and systems. They are environmentally friendly and do not release any toxic emissions. The use of these pumps can help reduce CO2 emissions. Governments of various countries are taking initiatives to reduce greenhouse effects and improve energy conservation. All the above reasons drive the hydraulic pumps market growth globally. According to Allied Market Research, the global hydraulic pump market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR from 2021 to 2030.

Construction industries, the agricultural sector, aerospace industry, entertainment industries, mining industry, automobile industry are a few of the market sectors driving the growth of the hydraulic pump market. Hydraulic pumps are still frequently used in the industrial environment. Forklifts, brick molding machines, tractors, excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers are a few examples of machinery using hydraulic systems.

The automotive industry is one of the largest users of hydraulic systems. Car brakes are a great example of a hydraulic system in the automotive industry. The rapid increase in growth of the automotive and construction industry post-Covid age is expected to boost the hydraulic pump market in several ways. A hydraulic system is also used in the medical industry in lifting operation tables, electric stretchers, integrated dental work tables, and other equipment. The advancements in hydraulic pumps are expected to improve its applications in other sectors as well.  

Digitization is penetrating each market sector. The hydraulic pump industry also has some scope of improvements along with technological transformations. The ongoing study in this domain predicts that digitization may offer tremendous potential to optimize the use of hydraulic pumps. The working environmental conditions might change anytime throughout a pump's life, thus affecting the operation of the pump. These changes in conditions often disturb the normal functioning of the pump, and the pump no longer operates at its best. According to KSB experts, digitalization can help to optimize pumps in such conditions.

Following are KSB experts' products and solutions to cope with the above-mentioned situation.

The KSB experts' Pump meter is a digital monitoring unit that gives real-time data regarding the operation of the pump to the operator. This pump meter assists the operator in estimating the operating range of the pump at any point of time, and the operator can adjust the pump as per the requirement. A vibration characteristics algorithm is another solution from KSB experts in line. This analysis will allow the operator to record vibrations of the fluid and check whether the settings and mode of operations are proper. It will also permit the operator to transfer this recorded data to the cloud using mobile communications, thus making the information accessible off-site. These two solutions would assist with the working conditions of the pump, and MyFlow drive of this company can be a game-changer for the hydraulic pump operators. It allows making the adjustments to the pump using software, and there will be no need for manual adjustments. The company also offers a solution to adjust the pump speed to particular criteria. These solutions of KSB experts seem to transform the hydraulic pump industry digitally.